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Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry (Millenia Walk)

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Tengawa is the first restaurant in Singapore to specialise in Japanese white curry, prepared using fresh Hokkaido milk. Choose from crunchy ebi fry, juice pork patty or tasty chicken katsu, paired with truffle oil chawanmushi. Simply oishi!


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Been intrigued with this place and white curry and finally gave it a try.

And I’m impressed! Can’t believe I didn’t try it sooner. Their best seller, crunchy chicken katsu set was a delight. With a juicy and uniformly cooked chicken breast, it has an amazing crispy exterior that is achieved by frying at 160°C for 3.8 minutes. How scientific can they get. Despite how light the curry appears, it’s still packed with flavour.

Another great part about ordering the set is that it comes with truffle chawanmushi and refillable soup, rice and CURRY! Will definitely be back if I’m ever at Millenia Walk.

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Their Chicken Katsu White Curry Set ($15.80+) comes with FREE FLOW rice, curry and soup AND their signature truffle oil chanwanmushi (ala cartel price: $5). Oh, and they also had unlimited pickled cabbage, which I was not afraid to help myself to that they had to refill the jar. Quite pleased that they did not scrimp on the quality of the soup and curry just because they were unlimited. The soup was really good I had 3 servings of it! Definitely worth a try, but consider going to their other outlet at Far East Plaza as this might be a little inconvenient for some!

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Tender & crispy chicken katsu paired with white curry; refreshingly different from the usual japanese curry.

In terms of taste i would say the white curry tasted pretty similar to the usual curry, but lighter in taste and more creamy.

Each set comes with truffle chawanmushi & clam soup. Bonus points for free unlimited refill of rice & soup too.


🐽 This was a very well executed katsu making the 7-8 days aged meat juicy on the inside & super crispy & light on the outside
😋 The chawanmushi was yummy too with a light aroma & taste of truffle 🥚
😘 #burpple


Their sets come with a truffle chawanmushi, free flow curry, tasty clam soup and rice. The chawanmushi really surpassed my expectations because of its infused truffle fragrance. The curry was quite similar tasting compared to other curry shops in Singapore but I guess people may prefer this because it’s lighter on the palate. For all its free sides, I think the pricing is quite reasonable. Also the servers were hospitable and even gave us free edadame!


Free flow! They even give clams on the top ups! Taupok is useless though.