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From the Burpple community

Black poplar mushroom and chicke is soup. Opt for a set that comes with a side dish (steamed chicken with cordyceps flower) and brown rice. Pleasant warm meal.

Black poplar mushroom & chicken soup + salted fish meat patty + brown rice. Nourishing soup served with chicken drumstick, corn, and Agrocybe Aegerita mushroom.

Source of daily veg and protein intake. A particular item that I enjoyed is a beancurd skin roll filled with bean sprouts - not commonly seen from other ytf stalls.

7 items with soup. Sometimes the queue gets long during peak hours, but a healthy meal is worthy the wait.

From Superman Nasi Lemak stall.
Econ Beehoon Mee, fried egg, crispy beancurd and the signature deep fried chicken wings.
Old school delights indeed. ($5.30)


Chicken cutlet : can choose with fries or with spaghetti.
Changes the coleslaw to all baked beans. Its different from the photo in the menu, and didnt have much expectations of it.
Top up $1 for cheese. Generous with cheese which I love. The chicken is very crispy, and the pepper makes completes the taste of the cutlet. Love that its in two pieces for easier cutting too. Western stall is pricey for non staff members though. ($6 - $9 )