[CLOSED] Thai Boat Noodle (Bedok Point)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Thai Boat Noodle! Your one stop to authentic Thai cuisine, cooked from the hands of our Thai chefs to suit your every need and taste. Family friendly & affordable! All our dishes are below $10.0. We also serve thai street food such as braised pork leg (Kao Moo), Tom Yam fried rice, Pineapple Fried Rice and so on will be served too! Our most popular dish is our Thai Boat Noodle which comes in a variation of Dry ($1.0), Soup ($1.0) and Tom Yam ($1.5), in mini portions. Thai Boat Noodle, traditional noodle dish originates from Thailand. It’s called boat noodle because the noodle was originally served from vendors on boat floating along canal banks of Bangkok. Boat noodles are serving in small portions as this was done in the past to prevent the noodles from spilling out of the bowls in choppy waters. Thai Boat Noodle holds an eating competition once every 3 months. The one who eats the most number of bowls will stand to win fantastic prizes! Curious to find out more? Follow us on our Instagram @thaiboatnoodlesg & our Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/boatnoodlesg Alternatively, you can e-mail us at [email protected]

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Ingredients and portion is pretty huge. Beef could be a little softer. It wasn’t hard don’t get me wrong. 1 major sin... soup was only warm. Should’ve been piping hot! 6.6/10 #burpple

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As the title suggests, its madness to be wasting space in your belly and that $1.50 for a portion. Easily down it in 2 spoons.
Tastewise is mediocre and you'd be better off have a main dish than 6 suprisingly tiny boats of bowls that will amount to be of the same price. Not that their mains are good anyway :/

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The overwhelming basil flavor overran my entire palate. It felt like they threw in all the ingredients into a green broth made something like Thai green curry.


The basil fragrant infused nicely with the minced pork and seasoned with fish sauce. Broke the egg bomb and allowed the yolk to flow into the spicy basil sauce. Somehow we couldn't get sick of it.


Each bowl costed around S$1 to S$1.50. Easily finished within one to two mouthful.
Among the three of them, I only liked the Thai boat noodle (original). It's savory reddish "sauce" was good enough for me to ask for second.
According to my friend (Thai food expert), be generous with the seasonings. For the more authentic taste, just add a bit of everything.


The terka is not bad, but I still miss the one from BKK! #burpple