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Thai-licious Boat Noodles

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Authentic Thai Boat Noodles


From the Burpple community

The dishes here are really worth it, Big portions good for sharing. Friendly staff and good excellent service provided!

This was part of the BB set where we got a main, an appetiser/side dish and a drink at one for one! The Thai boat noodles were flavourful, but I wish there was more soup as the noodles seemed to soak up the soup really fast. The pork slices were tender but the pork ball was not chewy enough and could be improved.

For the appetisers, I’d recommended getting the Moo Ping (sweet chicken on skewers)! Although there are only 3 sticks, they are highly delicious 🤤

The soup for the beef boat noodle was thick and good, the portion for the side dishes were generous. The prawn omelette was good but the fried chicken was a little dry.
$24 for everything

#BurppleBeyond 1-1

Pork Boat Noodle + Fried Thai Omelette
Rice with Basil Minced Pork + Kang Kong w/ Oyster sauce

Total: $23.80

Portion was more than enough for 2 pax. Every dish was on point, especially the Basil Minced Pork. Honestly its better than some of the thai food we ate in Thailand itself. Good food with good pricing, will definitely be back!

This was yuuuuum! Everything a Thai omelette should be; fluffy, crisp and also comes with raw bean sprouts underneath to help with the oiliness.


This set is super worth it and actually probably too much for 2 pax (just nice for 3 maybe). You get to pick an appetizer, main and a drink. This Tom Yum Noodles was my main and was alright. It’s more gravy than soup and quite intense. Don’t let it sit out too long cause the rice noodles will just absorb all that tom yum!