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From the Burpple community

On the 1st floor at a shop called chemealeon. Quite filling but the beef cubes were a little bit too chewy

Hiding in a corner, all the way at the end of The Arcade lies a humble fish soup store that serves up a lip smacking bowl of fish soup. As it was my first time trying, I had the Mixed Fish Soup with rice ($6 in total), which comes with fried fish, sliced fish and a bowl of white rice. To change your white rice to brown rice, all you need to do is to top up $0.50. Between both fish types, everyone at the table felt that the fried fish tasted better. Please do not leave out the yummy fried garlic on the side. Add in heaps of it to enhance the flavour of the soup. All of us have 2 refills of this super yummy fried garlic. Also, they are selling it in a bottle for $5.


At $7, this set comes with rice. Slightly on the salty side, sauce is a little watery too. I guess probably taste better with the porridge which cost $1.80 to add on.

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Newly introduced at this clever juice shop at arcade, which recently added DIY salads to its menu. This bowl (smallest size) is $7.90! Found the mixture slightly dense, not icy enough, and there were visible chunks of bananas not blended properly. There is definitely room for improvement. But good effort with making the bowl pretty and appearing! Anyhow, my favorite is still project acai!


Crazy good fish soup at The Arcade. This time I got myself the fried fish soup, which renders this version quite unhealthy but whatever!!! The fish batter wasn't too thick and adequately covered the entire fish fillet. I also loved how sze chuan vegetables and tomatoes were added in to give a slightly sweet and sour undertones. AND DONT FORGET TO ADD THE GARLIC BITS!!!!

Pro tip: come in the morning to order takeaway for the afternoon. It saves LOTS of time queuing.