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The Armoury

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From craft beers to coastal seafood, the Armoury offers a magical dining experience led by Chef Ben and his culinary team in an elegant, fanciful colonial building.

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• Small linguine portion, but the taste of garlic and butter is infused into every strand
• Limited ingredients, only 3 medium-sized prawns along with the pasta
• Prawns were average, not the freshest
• Overall Rating: 3/5

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• Juicy patty, portion is just right
• Tasty buns coated with sriracha mayo
• Changed fries to thinly crisp sweet potatoes fries for additional $2, generous serving
• Value for money with 1-for-1 Burpple
• Overall Rating: 4/5

There are limited seats available for reservation to cater for walk-ins! We managed to get a seat outdoors after queuing a short while - it was really enjoyable with the setting sun and evening breeze. Opted for the mexican burger ($24) - the double patty is layered with bacon, guacamole and jalapeño. Enjoyed the spiciness and medley of flavours!

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Good amount of garlic taste and big prawns as well. However, it lacked a bit of taste in the pasta but I applaud it for not being too dry! Would definitely come back to try more of their burgers!

Wagyu patty was done well, loved the caramelised onions, melted cheese and bacon combination. It became a gooey mess along the way, but it was still a delicious one.
Upgraded the fries to truffle fries for $2. Truffle taste wasn’t strong and it often only goes well with shoestring fries but it was worth it for what it is!
When we went there despite a reservation they could not provide an indoor table due to various reasons, but they promised to give us an indoor high table as Long as customers left and they indeed fulfilled their promise! Straightforward, genuine and quick to the point service which I appreciate. 👍🏻

Pretty decent dishes served, we had the 1 for 1, thanks to Burpple Beyond! Mentaiko Kaiju Armoury Burger ($24) - Nice hint of mentaiko and good beef burger overall and Chilli Crab Spaghetti ($23) - Spicy with generous soft shell crab.

However, what disappointed us was the service from the lady who seemed like the manager who was ordering her staff around. So what happened was: On that day we visited, it looked like it was gonna rain and I previously booked a seat outside, but they gave us a seat inside. But when I asked them if we could change outside, they said sure but we cant reserve a seat inside cos customers might flood in blah blah. Ok Fine, I understand since it's Phase 2. But what made us totally frustrated and speechless was when she came out to rush us to take pic of our food faster when we went out to take (since it didnt rain in the end) and she said other customers will need our table and accused us for hogging the table inside. Is this how you treat your customers?? What was even more speechless was that we saw birds flying in the restaurant like what you see at the coffee shop.. My lunch here with my friend was ruined, as well as our mood.