The Assembly Ground (The Cathay)

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A gathering of folks with the common love of good food, coffee and beer.

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From the Burpple community

Quite delicious pasta with tasty crab meat and slices of cheese. Portion was great! Quite worth it for burple 1 for 1! Would come back again :)


This crayfish laksa pasta was a creative and delicious fusion of local flavour and seafood pasta.


Fresh fish and soup


Umami Roasted Chicken Pizza
It gave me a surprise by how amazing it is. This pizza is not ur typically pizza, it is thin crusted topped with chicken, cherry tomato, jalapeño, BBQ sauce, mayo and bonito flakes. It is slightly spicy, tangy and bursting umami flavours. PLEASE GET THIS!!

Truffle Carbonara
On the other hand, this does not stand out as much as the pizza. It was still a decent truffle carbonara with very well sautéed mushrooms. The egg was too overcooked, the yolk did not flow and blend into the carbonara sauce so I was disappointed.

To conclude, please order the umami roasted chicken pizza.

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Back here again because the food here is just too good. This time round I had something else, which was the Miso Nagano Pork ($25 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond). Although the pork was just slightly tough, the fat and the sauce made up for it because its just too addictive. We had our favourite burger, the B Supreme ($23 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) as the burger was fantastic with the truffle sauce, the cheddar and the juicy patty. The curly fries are addictive too! Definitely will be back here to try their other dishes!

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