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sinful matcha toast filled with nutella! worth the calories and good for sharing :-)

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Lives up to the hype. Now I understand why they're in bukit merah and yet it's so popular. The carrot cake had an almost fudge like consistency which was flawless and the cream cheese is a nice touch(not that the cake needs it since it's moist enough on its own). Probably my favourite as well so far


Somehow or rather the gorgeous lilac hue reminded me of lavender instead πŸ˜…. Though the softserve was smooth, creamy with a melt-in-the mouth texture, the characteristic flavour of purple potato was a mild and barely detectable one; just a sweet, milky and vanilla-alike flavour. Served with crisp meringues, the softserve melts pretty fast hence making it a mandatory point for a fast shot and immediate consumption. .


The combination of salted egg and matcha just doesnt taste right here.


One can only imagine the amount of kcals this packs, but for a dessert that is the antithesis of milquetoast, ignorance is bliss and they are required to live a little haha.

Pretty worth the calories, honestly. I hope to slightly exaggerate at best by saying this - the brioche possessed the softness and fluffiness akin to the highest grade cotton there is in existence. It easily soaked up the bounty of salted egg matcha sauce that finds itself gushing out of any opening in the charcoal toast. Needless to say, it tugged me at my heart strings. Couldn't really single out any taste of matcha in this though, but that's not surprising given how similar their taste and texture can be. Best to share this between two or more people though even if I…wolved this down all on my own. 😧 I came on an empty stomach of course, so that doesn't make me a glutton, right…? (7/10)
P.S. If you are an East-sider, first of all - congrats! We have something in common! Secondly, you might be excited to know that they opened another outlet at Joo Chiat recently. Yay for convenience. πŸ˜›

I thought galaxy cakes were figments of my imagination, but oh was I so so wrong! Presenting you the Chocolate Guanaja - a cylindrical cake which has Valrhona Guanaja dark chocolate slotted into the recipe. It is then blanketed with a dreamy galaxy glaze. Spellbinding is the best word to describe its beauty. I'm honestly overwhelmed! 😭 (7/10)

Saw that bakery chef were having these two flavors of soft serve and decided to try it

It was really creamy, smooth and thick. Not just that, the aroma and taste of green tea and earl grey mixed together was pure heaven.

Overall, I loved the mix of Earl grey & green tea!! Too bad it was only available till 15 Oct:( but thankful that I was able to catch it on the last 2 days πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (such a pig right?)
Felt that service could be improved though (more smiles please!)

This is brioche toast with salted egg lava inside. ($12.8) I'm not a sweet tooth person, but I can definitely finish this myself. πŸ‘πŸ»

Till today , I have yet to eat a Carrot Cake as awesome as this one. It's so moist and the cream cheese just melts in your mouth. In addition, you get a generous amount of nuts for that crunchy texture. Head over here to try this guy out and let me know if you know someone that can beat this

One of the best Durian Lava toast we have tasted! The thick, creamy, fragrant and chilling mao shan wang lava explodes from the crispy toast πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜‹ Topped with the durian ice cream and bread crumbs, $14.90 was worth it. Suitable for 2 to share ✨ Definitely coming back again to try their other toast

charcoal toast with salted egg matcha and matcha ice cream-$12.80 There is still room for improvement. The salted egg matcha lava doesn't taste as nice as I thought. It's very sweet.

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I like liu sha that's y I purposely came here for this 😜toast a bit too hard for us ,sauce not as liu sha as we thought and the cafe location are not really convenient .Overall rating :2.5/5

Well, there are always rooms for improvement for them.
Throwback to last Saturday where we tried to surprise and celebrate @jacqsowhat's birthday in advance but the surprised was spoiled due to their lack of attentiveness. And look how fast the ice cream melt and serving melted ice cream to your customers is a no go.


Raining heavily and we were seated outdoors, end up holding up our umbrellas while eating. β›ˆβ˜‚ |

Tried all 3 different types of toast here, you can mix and match the lava filling to your toast (matcha salted egg, salted egg & Nutella), as well as flavour of ice cream at $12.80 each. Nothing fantastic I would say but suggest to go with the salted egg filling. Standard of service seems to dropped after our first visit sometime back, but now πŸ˜•

Yeah y'all can go crazy over the charcoal toast with salted egg yolk, but I much prefer the honey brioche stuffed with Nutella! While the salted egg yolk filling overwhelms the whole dish, this one shows a clear distinction of the different flavours, giving you a myriad of tasty experiences. Buttery brioche, sweet, soothing taste of honey, tied together with the warm, runny Nutella. Watching it pour out of the toast, I was under the impression that it would be diluted and runny, but surprisingly, the flavours were still intense, but had the improved factor of a very "liu" filling. As for the elements it was dressed with, perhaps request for vanilla ice cream instead, the chocolate ice cream isn't the best, and has that strange bitterness of cheap chocolate. The whipped cream on the other hand was an absolute delight! The owner mentioned that the chef HAND BEATS the whipped cream, and in the intense heat, as the ice cream melted, the whipped cream held its shape and still tasted sweet and delicious - nothing like the canned variety.


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