The Batter Affair

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We have created our website at showcasing our catalogue of cakes, baked goods & dessert tables/catering for your ease of order. We will also continue to upkeep our social media. Our passion for baking is stronger than ever, and you can rest assured that we will continue to deliver quality cakes - The Batter Affair is NOT CLOSED and will NOT be taking a break - we are simply moving to another platform (for now)


From the Burpple community

Coffee and cakes are both good! Thanks to Burpple that Iā€™m here.. else this location.. abit hard šŸ¤­

Decided to have our after dinner dessert here. Liked the texture and sufficiently light flavor of the earl grey cake ($5.80)


By an independent pastry Chef. Biz isn't that good but the desserts are definitely done with skills! :) Matcha yuzu pictured here isn't too sweet, and the texture is something different ;)


Highly Recommend for High Tea and Chocolate Lovers from most of online review from here. Cost $5.80 for a slice of cake and probably should order Tea or coffee with cake. Quiet and nice atmosphere in shop during weekends if you rewind here with reading book or relaxing during weekends.


Chocolate lovers rejoice!

With 5 layers of soft & moist chocolate sponge cake with dark chocolate filled in between, covered by a thick layer of hard dark chcoolate, and finishing it beautifully with chocolate crumbles on the top, this is the answer to all chocolate lovers troubles!

The atmosphere is relaxing with acoustic music and endless cafe background chatter. The service was great because the lady at the counter asked me if I want some water while I was halfway through the cake. ( their glass for water looks amazing too ).

In conclusion, great atmosphere, great service & great cakes!

-No GST/ Service charge


From The Batter Affair, a new cafe at Scape that serves cakes and tarts alongside coffee, tea and other beverages

Triple Choc Coma was actually pretty good for a cake that costs only $5.80; it's rich, chocolatey and decadent but from the shiny ganache all the way down to the chocolate sponge sitting below ā€” in between, its layered with white chocolate and dark chocolate mousse; the former provides a little sweetness to the latter that ends off with an adequate bittersweet finish without an overwhelming and nasty aftertaste. Quite impressed that they managed to get the mousse consistencies pretty balanced here; it's all velvety smooth and consistently so all the way through all the layers. Also quite surprised that the crispy bits on top were still crisp too! A definite hit with chocolate lovers out there!