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Korean food can be a tough one for vegetarians, what with the BBQ, bulgogi etc. Thankfully there’s Boneless Kitchen, a Korean vegetarian restaurant, where you can be assured that everything is meatless (you can never be 100% sure in regular Korean restaurants)!

I ordered the Soondubu Jjigae ($12.90) which contained soft tofu, egg tofu, egg, shiitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, kimchi and fishcake. It came out piping hot and was quite spicy, but delicious. Almost thought the fishcake was real fishcake! The dish was accompanied by purple rice and a side of pickled cucumbers.

This is a great place for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians for meatless Korean food that tastes just like the real thing!

A hearty and yummy meal of black soy bean paste noodles that got me licking up all the sauce. The radish added a fresh pop of flavor & all the ingredients of mushroom, cucumber, cabbage and potato went really well together with the noodles and sauce
📍The Boneless Kitchen, #01-31, 1 Irving Place, S369545 (near Tai Seng Mrt)

It may be hard to imagine meat-centric Korean fare prepared vegetarian style, but if there's one place that can do it right, it's The Boneless Kitchen. The homey, laidback establishment in Tai Seng serves up all the Korean classics you can possibly think of, from Jajangmyeon ($10.90) to Bibimbap ($9.90) and Kimchi Jjigae (kimchi stew, $9.90). As the Burpple community will have you know, the dishes here are all really flavourful, so much so you wouldn't miss the meat. When dining in a group, consider sharing the Army Stew Jeongol ($35.90), a hotpot laden with ingredients including vegetarian sausage and luncheon 'meat'. It's very filling and good for three to four. Order the Japchae (stir-fried sweet potato noodles, $10.90) to share, or go for their much raved about Jajangmyeon (noodles tossed in black soybean paste, $10.90), which is wonderfully saucy and not too salty. Our only gripe is that the side dishes are not free-flow, but that is a small blip on an otherwise hearty meal.
Avg Price: $15 per person
Photo by Burppler Raine Liu

19 Aug'17, Sat
The Boneless Kitchen~~~🍲
Vegetarian Korean Cuisine!

The japchae (冬粉) is a must-order!😋 But a little too much for one, good for sharing...

Pancake wise, go for the spicy pancake (small ones, beside the spicy tofu stew), taste better than the vege pancake (big plate) and they are more crispy...

The army stew (with cheese) is actually quite nice, 4 of us shared that with other sides and all, more than enough, very filling...

If you're ordering the army stew, suggest can skip the tteokbokki (炒年糕) for there's also rice cake in the army stew...

As for the spicy tofu stew, not bad, spicier than the army stew and taste a little different, probably becos of the cheese in the army stew...

Note: Free plain water, no free flow side dishes and need to top-up $2 for additional army stew soup...

You wouldn't believe this is meat free as it was pretty tasty. Absolutely love the addition of cucumber slices and radish cubes providing a nice crunch and bite.

The wholesome flavours got to come from somewhere? The hearty portion above is good for one and whets one’s appetite, or you can always go in group & dine zichar-style. Personally adopt a vegetarian diet from time to time so this is a great eatery to add to the list.
On top of their meatless menu (100% vegetarian & 90% suitable for vegans), they also have a pro-humanitarian vision adopting an inclusive hiring practice for the disability community. Overall, a cozy place to get an inexpensive meal, very well done 😉

Budae Jjigae, aka The Army Stew, is one of their most popular dish here, but I failed to see why. Yes, the option to add in cheese was optional, but I went ahead with it anyways, cause anything with cheese is nice right. But, the cheese taste was too strong, and it overpowered the taste of the stew. My colleague had the Soondubu Jjigae, aka spicy tofu stew with egg, and she mentioned that it was decent but not great. And unlike the usual Korean restaurants that provide complimentary banchan (side dishes), one has to pay for it here. I probably ordered the wrong dish, but I guess, I won't be back so soon. :/

Ordered the dolsot bibimbap ($9.90) and kimchi pancake ($3.90). The dolsot bibimbap tasted mediocre but it is definitely a healthy option! Comes with the option of cheese or soya. The cheese made it taste a little odd but interesting. Kimchi pancake is too oily and it tasted more like cheese pancake than kimchi pancake. Note: they were very stingy with the side dishes (小菜) that is usually given for free and in abundance in typical Korean resturant. No gst and no service charge (you have to pay at the counter first, collect your own cutleries, and grab your own cups)
Xoxo, wet tissue no have

Thoroughly enjoyed the jajangmyeon ($10.90), which was liberally topped with cucumber strips and fried 'anchovies' - a generous serving of wheat noodles (sutamyeon), diced potato, cabbage and mushrooms all doused in a flavourful, not overly salty or jelat black bean sauce. Will definitely satisfy classic Korean comfort food cravings!!

Taste as good as those sold in typical Korean restaurant locally.

Boneless indeed! No animal has suffered for this tasteful meal. A very spicy bibimbap, complete with crunchy rice, a saucy jajangmyun (which wasn't too salty) and a miso stew ramen. Had a feast at the only vegetarian Korean joint in Singapore! The kimchi pancakes were delicious too.

for gst-free dishes under 10$ and a hearty meal in a cozy little restaurant 🤗 $9.90 army stew was yummy with a generous portion of 料 and the rather unappetizing-looking kimchi pancake turned out to be super unique and delicious! probably not worth the $3.90 though 🤔

This is the Bibimbap ($9.90) that my friend ordered. you can choose to have spicy or non-spicy base which is the cheese. really good. place does not charge gst.

This is the Budae Jjigae/ Korean Army Stew ($9.90). relatively spicy but its good. place does not charge gst

Very healthy and taste soup . The place provide very good service .

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