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From the Burpple community

cannot stack the 50% off dim sum with the voucher. so we only ordered a few dim sum items.

only notable nice dim sum items were the prawn and banana fritter and xo carrot cake. however, i would have liked the carrot cake even more if the exterior was crispy.

never gonna order the xiao long baos in the future. at $3.8++ A PIECE, its crazily overpriced imo.

scallops chee cheong was like kosong. bo taste any scallops. century egg porridge was bad. not mentioning the shreds of ginger inside, the porridge was bland to the point that even hospital food tasted way better.

the ε››ζ‹Ό hk roast was tasty but it was a whooping $12++ for a single platter.

pan fried wagyu beef was value. served with black pepper sauce and a slice of apple? on the side which was marinated with red wine. doneness was ok. the sauce compliments the meat well.

avocado cream with vanilla ice cream for dessert. was not too avocado-ish so it was alright for a noob like myself. the vanilla ice cream was a wonderful accompaniment. smooth, aromatic and not too sweet. best dish for me this meal.

ba xian at tower club seems like a much more value place but the service here today was excellent.

proud to say we hit swee swee $199.xx for the total bill.

technically, only the noob and myself ate while dad and li xian spec-ed. so.

100 per pax.

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❀. #theaudone

These babies are so good drowned in that pool of goodness...πŸ‘… #sgfood #dimsum #vinegar #chili #ηΊ’ζ²ΉζŠ„ζ‰‹ #burpple