[CLOSED] The Chop House (VivoCity)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * The Chop House (VivoCity) aims to bring a breath of fresh air to the food scene by offering an array of international dishes with a contemporary spin in an engaging atmosphere. Using only high quality, fresh ingredients from all over the world, we let the ingredients reveal their natural flavors and this philosophy of quality transcends to our beverage collection which showcases a variety of artisan beers, draughts on tap, crafted cocktails and a brilliant selection of whiskey and wines. The other star attraction is the self-serve bar system imported from America called BeerSaver. This system is unprecedented in Asia, allowing guests to get their own beer at the self-serve stations in a hassle-free process.

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We patronized the I12 Katong branch and we thoroughly enjoyed our experience there.

The service was impeccable and the staff kept swinging by to ask us if we were satisfied with the food and if we needed more condiments.

The food was delightful, albeit the Mac N Cheese was only the oilier side - but hey, who eats healthy Mac N Cheese anyway.

We also had the Patty Melt Burger that was not pictured, which was great and the patty was well seasoned without being overwhelmingly salty. But the caramelised onions on the burger was the ace of the plate - the best I’ve had in a long while.

Overall, highly recommended!


Two chunky pieces of crispy beer battered red snapper in a crispy beer batter, served with French fries, malt vinegar and tartar sauce. Fish was well-battered and fried, so they were actually crispy even after being left out for a while, and not oily. The red snapper is soft and flaky, and the natural sweetness of the fish still stands out. Always love the combination of battered fish and malt vinegar, and the offerings here at The Chop House are good too despite them being a steakhouse. I didn’t enjoy the fries served with this or any of the other dishes. They weren’t crispy enough, nor were they seasoned with enough salt or spices. They were bland and lacklustre - save your stomach space for the coconut brioche dessert instead!

One of the recommended desserts at The Chop House - apple strudel stuffed with seasoned apples and pastry cream, served with vanilla ice cream, custard crepe anglaise, and topped with chopped pistachios. Unlike the recommended coconut brioche dessert, this was completely underwhelming. The pastry was thick and cold, plus no knifes were provided so cutting it was a challenge using the limited spoons given to our table. The filling spewed out of the pastry. Overall I felt the pastry tasted too doughy and not flaky enough, while the filling was too sweet (although it makes sense since you’re supposed to eat it together to balance the sweetness with the pastry). I didn’t enjoy this dessert at all and wouldn’t order it again - the coconut brioche is so much better.

The Coconut Brioche Toast is one of the recommended items on The Chop House menu and it definitely deserves some love. For $8, you’re served a warm oven-baked brioche with coconut cream and vanilla accompanied by a scoop of coconut sorbet and pistachios.

This was my favourite part of our meal here. The brioche was warm and crisp on the outside, yet moist and soft on the inside. The coconut cream and vanilla made the already-yummy brioche even more delicious, and I loved the coconut sorbet pairing with pistachios that added a refreshing coolness to the warm bread and some crunchy nuttiness for some reprieve from the creamy sweetness. I think this dessert was well worth the $8 and would order this again!

We were taken aback by how large this dessert was as we certainly weren’t expecting two slices of brownies with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Despite our initial excitement, we were disappointed by how absurdly sweet the brownie was. Coupled with the chocolate sauce, I couldn’t stomach more than two mouthfuls of this decadent dessert. It’s a pity, because the texture of this brownie was quite delightful and dense. The vanilla ice cream also did little to mute the sweetness of the brownies. While the portion is value-for-money at such a restaurant, I wouldn’t recommend wasting calories on this unless you have an extreme sweet tooth.

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Food is delicious the quesadillas, bangers and mash, carbonara were good.
but do not order their desserts or ice cream, totally horrible.