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It's meaningful times like these that I appreciate my family members being at peace with each other.
The quality of the chicken here is definitely top notch fresh! Tender, juicy and extremely flavourful!
Can't go wrong with their coconut fragrant rice 🍚 🍗
The lalas were my fav 😍 Definitely must order and their chendol is a great way to end your meal!
Need to head back soon with a hungrier tummy 🤣

Seeing that I had missed out on this highly-acclaimed dish on my maiden visit, the “Sambal Lala” was the first thing I ordered when I popped into The Coconut Club a second time. It was downright delish! The clams were acceptable but it was the sambal that’s the star. There was major partying in that dark red chilli paste. Those clams should consider themselves lucky to be in the presence of such greatness.

A look back at that time when I added on the “special of the day” of “Ikan Selar“ to have with my Nasi Lemak.
Deep-fried to extreme crispiness, the pair of fish (there were two because they weren’t big ones) were really fragrant as they had been rubbed with an appetising “rempah” (spice paste) beforehand. Served on the side was a bowl of “kicap manis” sauce dressed to such tastiness, I ended up splashing it over nearly everything on my plate of Nasi Lemak.

It was with a mix of elation, anticipation and trepidation that I walked into The Coconut Club. I knew their food draws rave reviews but there have been comments about the relatively high price point. Our bill for two plates of “Nasi Lemak with Chicken”, an Otak, fried “Selah” fishes (a special of the day), two non-alcoholic drinks and a Chendol came to $66 inclusive of tax. So, cheap it ain’t but oh my goodness, is it worth every single cent! 😋😋😋
To me, this is the Nasi Lemak equivalent of a “dream team” in the beautiful game a.k.a. football. Each “player” on that plate really brought it on last night. For eg. the fried chicken thigh and drumstick, coated in aromatic “kunyit rempah” were juicy, the peanuts and ikan bilis, fresh-tasting and extremely crunchy. Holding the vital position was the deeply fragrant rice itself. Like the fleet-footed Messi with his almost immortal ability to float, its mind-boggling lightness brought the whole dish together.
The Coconut Club gets my vote as the best in Singapore right now.

I’m a little late to the party (ok, reaaaaally late), but I’ve finally tried The Coconut Club’s nasi lemak! I’ve got to say, I love their fragrant rice and perfectly fried egg that’s just ready to burst. The chicken was spot-on, super tender and the skin was aromatic as well. While almost everything was great, the one thing I look forward to in an amazing nasi lemak is the sambal... and theirs felt pretty underwhelming? It was kinda dry and didn’t mix well with the rice, but that was all made up by the amazing spicy sauce that came with their sambal lala (do order that please!).

but service is a bit slow. Like hardly anyone comes to take your order. lol #burpple

(Also the most expensive one at $12.80++ per plate 🤣) The tender chicken thigh came in a batter full of lemongrass x herbs, which was aromatic & slightly spicy 💦 ✔️Chili was not too oily ✔️Ikan bilis crispy and fresh ✔️Fried egg done perfectly runny 🍳We’ll be back! #thecoconutclub

Finally gotten the chance to devour this much raved and hyped about hipster Nasi Lemak. The coconut rice is pretty fluffy and subtly fragrant with hints of coconut flavour in every bite. In-house seasoning of the chicken, skin so crispsand meat so tender, these combinations made the chicken leg so delicious and on point. Perfect fried eggs with runny egg yolk. Crunchy ikan bilis and peanuts with refreshing slices of cucumbers. The sambal definitely packs a punch. It's just a burst of flavours when you have everything on your palate!

This dish is definitely to die for, making customers begging for more!

No longer just limited to early birds, night owls can also satisfy their nasi lemak cravings here as they open till 9.30pm. Special mention should be made to the crispy fried chicken likely spice-rubbed with turmeric, galangal and lemongrass 😋😋😋.

I mean it's not cheap at all but damn it's hard to find good nasi lemak nowadays anyway. #burpple

Often touted as overprice Nasi lemak, I’d gladly pay to eat here again. I’ve been here multiple times and I really love how tender and tasty the chicken is here. :)

And that ayam goreng berempah...sing your praises for you have been blessed with culinary perfection – the right balance of spices in the marinade, and the chicken leg remains juicy despite being put through high heat. The sambal — best shit ever, I scooped up all the leftover from everyone else's plate — flawlessly tingles with its spiciness before finishing beautifully with mild sweetness. Ok, that's all.

Decided to make a trip here after reading how Lee Hsien Loong brought President Duterte here. The price point ($12.80++ for nasi lemak and 8.90++ for the otah) and the venue made an impression though the nasi lemak and otah did not meet our expectations. The chicken was pretty good with its crispy exterior (which had hints of lemongrass) and the sambal chilli did pack a punch. However, everything else on the plate was not extraordinary. As a result, it is difficult to justify paying premium for it due to the numerous comparable (or better) alternatives available, which are a third of its price.

The cendol had the right amount of gula melaka, which gave it its characteristic sweetness and fragrance, and didn’t overpower the coconut milk which made it sufficiently creamy. The shaved ice was fine enough such that each spoonful was smooth. Didn’t come with red beans and most of the other toppings apart from the green pandan ‘worms’ but am personally not a fan of the rest of them so this wasn’t a problem for me.

The hoo-hah surrounding McDonald’s nasi lemak burger made eating the real thing a priority after being away from Singapore for so long. The Coconut Club’s offering really hit the spot. The chicken was well-marinated and fried to a nice crisp while remaining tender and succulent. The sambal chilli was sweet and spicy with a real kick. The coconut rice was fragrant and very lemak. Together, the individual components made for a rather excellent take on a beloved local dish. While the steep price tag could be hard to justify for some, the high quality of their nasi lemak and their side dishes (which occasionally change from time to time) could warrant a visit!

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