6 Scotts Road
#02-01/02 Scotts Square
Singapore 228209

09:00am - 10:30pm

09:00am - 10:30pm

09:00am - 09:30pm

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09:00am - 10:00pm

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Tried one of their signature coffees. It's a creation of Mexican Agave and Crushed Black Peppercorn. Interesting taste to it. Thought it would taste weird but it came out nice, couldn't taste the agave though.

For $7.50 (iced) this is a lovely mix of Java and Gula Jawa. The combination is just right and simply refreshing. Must try!

$23 / dish
the taste is unique matching... sour plus a little bit spicy and some fresh of the fish!!

I have very little to say about this place except to bring your friends, your family, anyone to this place if they enjoy coffee!!!! I ordered the mocha for $6 and it tasted absolutely amazing. The aroma and taste was ideal, with the coffee and chocolate being perfectly balanced. It was not too sweet and the soy milk (at an additional $1) sealed the deal for me. The ambience is lovely, being a place I will highly recommend for an afternoon tea or a coffee break. It was minimalistic, simple and brimming with good vibes. The atmosphere sung "coffee" as we were surrounded by everything you will associated with it, i.e. coffee machines, blackboards advertising coffee classes and the general equipment. A pleasant place to be, this cafe holds true to its name: The Coffee Academics.

I tried this place for brunch with my friend, whom which I spent the entire summer break hunting for food discounts with- and this place was probably in the Top 2 Worst Food Decisions ever, and actually why I wanted to start this account in the first place. All in all, it cost about $20++ in total. (The discount was a 1-for-1, but I wouldn't even be able to bring myself to pay $10 for this.)

To break it down- mine was some poached egg and ikura above a potato-beetroot rosti. Sounds not bad right? Wrong! It was surrounded by some raw watercress which was basically a very not-tasty prison. And the entire dish was extremely one-dimensional and not filling. My friend's dish on the other hand, was just pure lazy. It was avocado (placed carelessly on) toast and a poached egg, with furikake, which was practically the only seasoning. With a salad of course, to cover the rest of the plate.

Basically, it was bad. I am well aware that brunch outside always means you will be ripped off (lol) but this wasn't even nice tasting.

Probably the most insta-worthy coffee but also the darnest to drink from the cone. Just because the coffee sips through the cone, the cone cracks, the coffee flows in all directions (except the direction u want it to). Definitely the most difficult coffee for me thus far. And when i finally get to taste it, there wasn't much left. 😅 101 disastrous ways to drink a coffee. The chocolate-coated cone is much thicker than usual made in the purpose to house the coffee but obviously failed. When u finally reach the tip of the cone, the thick chocolate which hardened is somewhat rewarding, as if telling u all the trouble you've just gone through is worth it. Didnt know drinking coffee can be a life lesson itself. Ideal vs Reality. Reality check indeed. ✔️

Eggless American fluffy pancakes with mixed berries, raspberry ice cream, maple syrup and whipped cream

Gai dan zai, mango cubes, HK milk tea ice cream + drizzles of salted egg yolk sauce. Ok, that's all.

Curly potato fries served with honey mustard, house smoked ketchup and curry mayo

Pretty good and LEGIT but the truffle was not present.

Rating over 5: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

What could be better then drinking good coffee ☕️ and eating red velvet cake 🎂 ?!

tempt me with food 🐷😹 Airy crisp 雞蛋仔, served with mango cubes, HK milk tea ice cream and salted egg custard sauce. Really love the 雞蛋仔 and ice cream while not really a fan of that salted egg custard sauce. Though, I like it how they kept the salted egg part mild to match well with the rest.

Like this grain pasta with truffles and mushroom. So creamy so smooth.

May come back, but just because their coffee was to my liking. This was at their new outlet at Raffles City. They were still having their soft opening when we were there yesterday. Anyway, how do I create a new location tag on IG?

The soft shell crab Pasta in salted egg yoke sauce was savoury, but portion was a little small.

The earl grey lavender tea was bitter.

Paid almost $40 per pax
Service was average

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