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What you should order based on community favourites


From the Burpple community

Hands down one of the BEST crabmeat pasta available in Singapore!
This restaurant is so generous with their crabmeat that every bite you take, you taste the full flavor of the crab.

Their pasta is mildly seasoned, and not overtly creamy which makes eating it enjoyable.

The restaurant is also conveniently located in orchard, which makes it a very centra place. Their seats are very comfortable and the ambience is great! I see many people conducting casual work meetings, chatting with friends, and even doing work. I think it’s a great place to hang out for the whole afternoon (if you’d like). Plus I heard they serve fantastic coffee!

Burpple 1 for 1 makes it so worth while 😌!

Food: 4/5
Price: 3/5
Place: 5/5

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Acai Berry Bowl ($18)
Unsweetened Acai topped with generous granola, berries and banana. Unlike others, their acai was slightly watery and taste like berry juice (which was yummy!)

Thanks to Burpple's 1 for 1, we are able to enjoy this yum at a cheaper price!

Huge fluffy pancakes topped with a few mixed berries with berry sorbet and whip cream at the side. Quite a steep price for something simple but sometimes you just want ice cream with pancakes.

Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we got to try the Truffle Portobello Mushroom Pizza ($24) and the Spicy Crabmeat Pasta ($24)! Pizza was good! Nice cripsy thin crust with big pieces of mushrooms and cheese in each bite. It was a bit small though. Pasta had a strong seafood taste with chunks of crabmeat but it was slightly too soft.

We also ordered the Korean Fried Chicken Bites ($15) which tasted like it came from a Korean restaurant!!

- Iced Flat White ($6.50)
- Pink Lemonade ($7)

Lastly, we also had the Academics Pancake Tower ($20) for dessert (not in photo). It's not the light fluffy kind of pancakes so it was quite filling. I like that they had to flexibility to change the ice cream flavour!

Overall, good! Will go back again!

Guess the art - A swan drinking water? Pretty expensive cup of average coffee after you factor in the double ++

Had the pizza pasta and all day breakfast. Super worth the money! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»