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The Communal Place

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Situated in the heart of Katong we are 5 minutes away from nowhere communal, so come down today with your families & friends and look back to the days where communication was still present during mealtimes.

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Main Dish
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Main Dish
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Main Dish
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From the Burpple community

The chicken thighs are OMG so tender it’s beyond description 😨
Mad love for this dish 😍

Beautiful and Instagram-worthy. A huge fan of tiramisu, this scored 100% in terms of plating and aesthetic. The tiramisu was creamy and contained the essential flavours with the added crunch from the biscuit crumbles. It could have been better as it lacked the bold coffee & kahlua flavour, and the inside was slightly frozen. But overall a lovely treat for a sweet tooth!

This plate was healthy and pleasing on the eye. The slab of salmon was nicely grilled to a balance of crispy-moist. Though not big in flavour, it was accompanied with a sweet and savoury miso sauce; and a light buttered mash.

Food was not bad, restaurant was casual and easy. We had a problem with one of the female wait staff that night (Xinxuan - whom I shall name Rude Staff) who was condescending and rude. We booked a table for a big gathering, and one of my friends had a voucher for 1 for 1 deal we could use on Burpple for our dinner. At the end of the night, said friend helped another friend (not involved in the Burpple deal) to doggy bag her left overs, and requested to pay the bill over Burpple. Rude Staff made a face and said ‘oh but you can’t dabao food and use 1 for 1 deal’. When I asked to clarify the situation with Rude Staff, her only response was ‘the bill has been settled for’ and pointed to the other end of the table where our other friends had settled the bill, and made no efforts to try to rectify the situation, and in fact was really condescending and rude. Poor customer service, would not ever return again. Management should look into the matter with said staff and correct any poor behaviour so as not to affect future business.

The shredded meat was tender and flavoursome that clinged to the wide strands of pasta, and tossed in a tomato-based sauce. Topped with parmesan and a runny egg, this classic Italian dish was not glamorous but it sure was rich and hearty. Sprinkled on some chilli flakes for the added kick.

This is smaller than it looks but yummy nonetheless 😋 love the batter and the vibes here - mostly because they have alot of we bare bears plushies for you to cuddle 😁 definitely gonna come back for a second visit because mains are one on one on #burpplebeyond