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From the Burpple community

They had a number of interesting Asian flavours on their menu. Think Kecap Manis, Assam Pedas or Roasted Zucchini.
We had the Assam Pedas which delivered in terms of the spicy and punchy taste like that of an Assam fishhead curry. Also tried their Beef Ragu which couldn’t compare in taste. What we felt was missing was some good fresh made pasta that would definitely boost the taste of the pastas.
Otherwise, for those attracted to these Asian flavours, their sandwich menu might also appeal.


Asam pedas pasta! I love that they have so much succulent prawns inside. Not spicy one leh. The pasta could be al dente though.

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Set B - $10
A Cake + Coffee or Tea
Ondeh Cake - $7.90
Sakura Green Tea - $5
Blending roes and cherry with green sencha tea
Gives off the feeling of Sakura each time
The Daily Press

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Really love the cakes here 😍 Rainbow so colorful & cheerful 🌈 Black Forest so mysteriously enchanting 🌳 Yam Orh Nee so special & uniquely amazing 💜 Very very yummy cakes that are fluffy & not too sweet 😍 ☕️🍰 #burpple

If cake sets are good for you as an afternoon indulgence, be sure to check out this Ondeh Cake from The Daily Press. Between the layers of pandan sponge is seemingly gula melaka cream and fragrant kaya, and somewhere between those, there are also traces of desiccated coconut. Sweet as it is, pairing it with a hot coffee or tea will be nice.

And, notice now thin the layer of cream is on the side of the cake? Rest assured that the cake will not be a cream overdose for you.

Cake sets are priced at S$10.00 with a cup of coffee or tea included.


Anchovy pasta and zucchini feta pasta set with drinks and soup! 🍝🍝🍴🍴