[CLOSED] The Daily Scoop (SOTA)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * At The Daily Scoop, we live and breathe ice cream.

1 Zubir Said Drive
#01-03 School Of The Arts Singapore (SOTA)
Singapore 227968

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From the Burpple community

Ice-cream was pretty good quality, and there are a variety to choose from. However, found the waffles to be quite meh. It's alright, crispy enough (though can be more crispy), and it definitely isn't the most fragrant. It's a good cafe to chill at, with friendly staff as well, but that's after the covid situation improved.

Thick, creamy Mao Shan Wang Ice cream. Not the best I had but definitely a decent msw ice cream!

$7.80 (managed to get 10% cashback when paid with fave app for usage on my next purchase, so quite worth imo) // anyway, decided to try daily scoop’s ice cream and waffles!! their speculoos ice cream was great, as it captured the ideal cinnamon + caramel flavour of speculoos and i felt like the consistency and texture was smooth, creamy and didn’t melt too quickly. however, if i were you, i’d pass on the waffles as it was too crispy and didn’t rly have any taste

This scoop cost $3.50 and I added $1.30 for a waffle cone lined with chocolate and peanuts.

I really like the creaminess of the ice cream here. Its just the most perfect consistency, not too icy and doesn't melt too fast. The cookie butter seems to really enhance the texture of the ice cream and adds a sweet richness that isn't overly jelak. There are speculoos cookie bits swirled in which kinda breaks up the otherwise monotonous mouthfeel :D

I didn't regret the peanut cone because it was crispy, delicious and just seems to make the entire ice cream experience so nostalgic :)


Waffles and ice cream has got to be one of my favorite sweet treats, the warm waffle with cold ice cream is a match made in heaven. I particularly adore smothering each waffle pocket with ice cream and dredging it in toppings to form the perfect bite. <3

The Daily Scoop's version came in a set costing $7 and was dusted with powdered sugar and drizzled generously with chocolate syrup. The made to order waffle was warm, soft and aromatic but lacked that crispy, crunchy exterior that is the signature of a perfect waffle (perhaps the cooking process was slightly rushed; it was a busy Friday night). But the ice cream was delicious; a salted caramel base with bits of chocolate brownie folded in. The perfect mix of sweet and salty, with a hint of bitterness from the chocolate in the brownie. It was delightfully creamy and smooth as well, spreading almost like butter into the warm waffle. I found myself wishing I had ordered another scoop of a different flavor to try. 😅

Not perfect, but definitely satisfactory for the price and good enough to quell my buzzing sweet tooth :)


Waffles & Ice Cream Set
2 Scoop on top of a waffle - $11.60
Mochaccino & Utterly Avocado
Waffles are made upon order, quite standard. But I’m surprised by their ice cream flavours. Utterly Avocado have a sweet and smooth texture to it. But my favourite will be Mochaccino. It has a more chocolates taste of mocha but not too sweet, close to an adult chocolate flavour. Chocolate ice cream and waffles never goes wrong
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