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The Dragon Chamber

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Not your usual Chinese fare, The Dragon Chamber is an immersive, one-of-a-kind speakeasy restaurant. Hidden behind a fridge door of an unassuming local cafe, the restaurant is reminiscent of Chinatown gambling dens and secret society hangouts. Serving “guerrilla-style” food that brings back age-old unconventional Chinese dishes, The Dragon Chamber pushes the diner’s comfort zone with adventurous yet delicious food. With an unforgettable dining experience, your life will never be the same when you find it.

2 Circular Road
Singapore 049358

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12:00pm - 02:30pm
06:00pm - 12:00am

12:00pm - 02:30pm
06:00pm - 12:00am

12:00pm - 02:30pm
06:00pm - 12:00am

06:00pm - 12:00am

06:00pm - 12:00am

12:00pm - 02:30pm
06:00pm - 12:00am

12:00pm - 02:30pm
06:00pm - 12:00am

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This speakeasy restaurant is a real hidden gem. The food was FANTASTIC. 2 dishes stood out - (1) Firecracker Chicken (like 辣子鸡) that comes with fried youtiao drizzled with maple syrup that’s very tough to chew but strangely addictive (2) Truffle Beef Horfun that was chewy rice noodles with the perfect amount of Q with a generous serving of truffle sauce that complemented the tender beef slices. It was an explosion of umami, and my taste buds were still buzzing after the meal 🤯 I was actually kinda sad the meal was over lmao. Think this could be my fav find this year!

The Dragon Chamber! Delicious set lunch that I had gotten for free through Chope's mini Instagram giveaway a few months back!

The firecracker chicken set was quite literally the bomb! Super filling!! Ordered the cheeseburger eggrolls too, and it was an explosion of flavours in the mouth, 10/10 a must order (its pretty expensive though... $16, okay lah treat myself a bit). It was shatteringly crisp, and really did taste like an actual cheeseburger.

Such a cool place, tucked away, hidden from view of the outside world... By a fridge...! Trust me, this place offers a feast for the eyes, ears, and obviously the mouth. Go check it out 🙌

Rating :5/5

Singapore farmed crocodile foot braised in herbal sauce served on a bed of kale! I didn’t dare eat the gooey, gelatinous skin but had quite a lot of crocodile meat! It has the same exact texture as KFC chicken, with lots of herbal soup flavour.

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Rather pricey bento boxes, but something you probably can't find elsewhere. For the meats you have a few options and I went for the firecracker chicken. This was super crispy and tongue-numbing (mala). Loved the cashews in it. The kale was great as I've never tried it stir fried this way. Comes with a soup and a drink of choice.

Have been wanting to try this place but could never get enough people to go for dinner together. Really like the idea of lunch set where I can get a balance amount of veggie, meat, fruits and soup. Firecracker chicken was nicely done - crispy chicken chunks with a tinge of numb sensation. My only gripe was too many cashews (i know this is such a good problem right). Other than that, I also love the stiry fry kale with garlic.Didn’t know that adding lemon juice to help elevate the flavour of the kale. Price is rather steep for regular visits.


Deep fried diced chicken with chopped dried chillies, cashews, chives and Sichuan peppercorn served with crunchy “you tiao” fritters topped with maple syrup

Dish is essentially 辣子鸡 (小辣) - quite comparable to those you get in Sichuan restaurants! Maple fritters were sticky and slightly hard/doughy - perhaps unnecessary for this dish.