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From the Burpple community

One of the better burgers I had, very filling and beef patty was juicy and full of flavor. Beef Brisket Stew was hearty but portions could have been more. Bread for it was delicious!

Cocktails were refreshing, nice environment to chill and relax.

Upon entering they asked you if you are using any apps (e.g. Burpple or Entertainer) and they will provide a special menu based on your response. We both got the burgers and requested for it to be cut in half so we both can share our piece and taste both flavours (best decision everrrr) the coolers were pretty refreshing and the staff were nice and friendly too (thanks Ivy for being accommodating!)

Damage done incl. taxes: $47.36 ($23.68/pax)

Portions were generous but food could be better. The pork ribs were quite dry and the Guinness pie was very salty. Topped up $2 to change the fries to truffle fries but it was disappointing to see that the portion of the fries was so little ): Was really thirsty after the meal too

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Fell in love deeply with this burger. Juicy patty combined with savory cheese and nicely caramelized onion. Even the fries taste superb. Try it out!

Go for the Poet’s Burger and the Fish and Chips! The batter’s better than most! Possibly THE BEST battered fish & chips imo! Sizeable portions, very worth it with Burpple Beyond. Beef Patty in the burger was also very well seasoned - kudos to the chef!

Paid a total of 40.66 for 2 (Burpple Beyond now requires u to buy a set. Which means main+drink (cocktail/ draught beer) so it’s slightly more pricey than before when BB was just for the mains. My recc would be to SKIP the cocktails here because it’s super watered down (not sure if it’s because we used Burpple) but yea, not a fan.) stick to the mains!

1. Would definitely want to bring all my friends here! I love the food 😬 I’ve personally always wanted to try the ribs… but for some reason - all 3 times I’ve visited this place, it always ran out…

2. Waiting time varies… from 10mins to an hour… LOL book in advance because it’s always full house (back when bars could play music) and make sure your order’s in. Had a pretty traumatic experience once 😪

3. Maybe not so much for people with HUGE appetites… Ild say the burger is very filling for an average person (both girl and guy), fish… not so much

4. Photo’s pretty meh but the food is pretty good so don’t take my word for it - try it! Perhaps now with P2HA, no eating in/ atmospheric music… taking away wouldn’t be as nice… guess you’ll just have to wait for when the restrictions are lifted!

Location/ Accessibility:
About 10 mins walk from Orchard MRT
Bring an umbrella or you’ll be drenched if it rains

Used Burpple 1-for-1 on a weekday and it was relatively quiet. Once I entered the restaurant, I was asked which deal/promo I would be using, and was presented a Burpple Set which was different from what was shown in the app (1-for-1 mains).

The Burpple set consists of one main (Burger/Fish and Chips/Ribs/Beef Stew) and one Cocktail/Mocktail for $38+.

Ordered the Ribs with Rose cocktail and my partner order the Fish and Chips with Bells of Ireland cocktail. The mains and drinks were delicious, and I personally preferred the Bells of Ireland cocktail as it was slightly sour and had less of an alcohol taste. Both mains were delicious, and the fries were perfectly fried and not too oily.

Overall, an enjoyable dining experience and would return for the food but please be mindful that the menu you see on the app is different from what was presented. The cocktails and mocktails in the Burpple menu is also not in the main menu.