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More Reviews of good food at The East Bureau

First all-ladies group lunch of the year with fellow colleagues. Second time at The East Bureau - ambience and views are still great, set lunch offers good value for money too. But the kitchen staff obviously couldn't handle the lunch crowd (restaurant wasn't even half full), and some of us had to wait a long time to finally get to tuck in. Ordered two sets of the Ménage A Trois pictured here (salted egg yolk, yam and black sesame filling) to share, considering how I really enjoyed it the first time, this turned out a disappointment. The salted egg filling didn't ooze like it did before, the puffs were frozen and dry.. lacked the magic from their earlier days. Main courses were still yummy and affordable.

Omg just $18.90++ for 55 choices of side dishes, of which most were yummy! Esp the fried long beans and tomyam fried pork .. and and and LOVE the purple sweet potato porridge !
Shall be back for the rest of the dishes we didn't get to try 😋
(Do take note they charge for leftovers though)

3-course Dinner Set which consists of their Handcrafted Trio of Starters, The East Bureau Signature and Duo of Desserts. 

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This is available part of their new 3-course dinner at $24++ Interesting mix, colours and flavours! Loved the ambience of the establishment and also their refreshing drinks!

Ate three Menage A Trois cream puffs. Only the yam combination worked for me. The salted egg yolk and black sesame combinations were a bit weird. It would have been better if there was some contrast in terms of temperature and texture. I also ate the Thai basil pork dumplings. The scent of basil was overpowering. The signature dish with orrechiette and chicken was pleasant, but nothing mind-blowing.

Or is it a twist when the base flavours - dark, brooding soy sauce, crisp and smoky rice - are put front and centre where they ought to be?

A riff on Claypot rice and fried glutinous rice at @theeastbureau that flaunts its lap cheong, as well it should. Check out the review: link in bio!

Huge palm-sized profiteroles, filled with either black sesame cream, orh née paste, or salted egg custard - very naughty indeed. You can't really tell what's what so each bite's really quite the surprise! The choux pastry was done very well, light while boasting a lovely bite and crust. I especially loved the coconut caramel brushed on top! Utter decadence. It is a huge portion though, best shared among 4+ pax.

Yes lotsa cross-cultural ideas going around here - but don't be mistaken, it's in no way fusion. Modelled after the Canadian Poutine, Chef Sam's Eastie rendition sees chunky fries topped with a Taiwanese-inspired 'Lor Bak' mince, Japanese takuan pickles and bits of egg white. Think of it as lor bak deconstructed and reinterpreted with a poutine-scaffold. Can't say I really got that savoury 魯肉 flavour (the mince was more sweet than savoury), but I love how the different components complemented one another. And by golly those golden chunky fries are mad delicious?!

Very interesting combination, you get that familiar taste, but different texture (cause pasta).

Saw a few other tempting items in their à-la-carte menu, will come back soon to try some of them.

Ordered the set lunch and this was the starters of the day. Pretty decent, loved that dumpling.

Perched on the gorgeous, newly renovated outdoor piazza of Marina Square overlooking The Esplanade, The East Bureau is Supply & Demand's latest concept. This modern bistro boasts a playful industrial feel with eclectic furnishing, and makes for a fun place to have a meal with colleagues or friends. The Asian-focused menu teases with familiar flavours taking on unusual pairings and forms — think Local Pasta with Orecchiette ($19), a fun Southeast Asian play on pasta that ingeniously incorporates wok hei, or the Reinterpreted Seafood Tom Yum Goong On Ice ($13) featuring sashimi and abalone on tom yum-flavoured ice. Then, in a whimsical end, stuff your face with an assorted tower of cream puffs chock full of salted egg yolk cream, and luscious orh nee paste in the Ménage A Trois ($19).

Essentially the savoury soyness of salty Taiwanese beancurd (think Yong He Eating House in Geylang) meets the supple softness of Lao Ban beancurd, with lots of random elements sprawled on top for a touch of Oriental mysticism. 3.4/5

Rich in oceanic flavour but light on feist, this mod glacial treat - with esteemed guests like abalone and salmon sashimi gracing the event - starts the proceedings on a clean, minimalist note. 3.7/5

We inspected the remaining pieces of the Ménage A Trois in the basket to make sure I got my Salted Egg Yolk one next! 😉 This was the creamiest of them all, and oh-so-messy, dripping all over the place... but I love it! 😍😘😍 It's actually a little saltier than most salted egg dishes I've had before. Two assorted, crunchy, chilled, mini puffs at one go, mmmm.. I'm in a happy place! 😁

Ménage A Trois (S$19): When this was served, the staff took time to explain the entire dish to us. Since each serving comes in a mixture of 3 different flavours, we asked how to differentiate which was which. The answer, "That's the best part, you don't! Every bite is a surprise!" 😝😂 But I didn't want to be surprised, I just wanted my Orh Nee and Salted Egg Yolk ones! Took a random first piece, and got the frozen Orh Nee 😁 Lucky me!

You cannot put something on the menu with keywords such as "salted egg yolk" and "whipped orh nee", and expect me to remain calm!! 😅 I basically coerced @peppergrey into ordering it.. Lol! Meet the Ménage A Trois (S$19) - a basket of chilled, mixed flavoured crunchy "bo lo bao" cream puff minis, two each of the above-mentioned filling, and another two of the black sesame soya milk frozen cream, topped with coconut caramel and fine coconut flakes. Major anticipation...

Set lunches @ S$12.90++, each comes with a petite salad, small fried wanton, and a mini chawanmushi. For my main, I ordered the Kam Heong Pork / Kedah Inspired Spicy Pork Stir Fry - sweet and slightly spicy, infused with lemon grass. Absolutely loved the Hong-Kong-style oily sambal chilli! 🌶🌶 (yes, that glass jar in the background) 😘
Opening special: Order 3 Main Courses, and get your 4th free (valid from Sun - Thu, 12PM - 9:30PM, except eves of Public Holidays).

Because Marina Square is not exactly too far from the office, and since it's TGIF mood today, I just couldn't pass the chance to check out the new restaurant - The East Bureau with a colleague. Lovely, cool place overlooking The Esplanade Theatre. Love the eclectic decor inside the restaurant too 😍

This is pretty good :) loveee. Can do one with coffee tarik ? 😁

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