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Had a Thai iced tea flavour which was flavored with some powder. Get a more organic flavour like Nutella or milo to be a little more healthy heh. Really liked the texture of these rolls - it was semi hard and creamy. And of course one can always feast your eyes on the making process of these lovely rolls on the ultra cold metal machine ✌🏻️

Hearty (portion): 2/5
Tasty (product): 3.5/5
Worthy (price): 3/5


As new ice cream parlors pop up everyday, I had one that was located fairly near my house! Given the hype that started in Bangkok & now on to Singapore, I was really excited to try this, especially since the one I had in Bangkok was pretty good!
This little store is located along the sides of Thomson V Two & is certified Halal! They have a limited choice of base flavors such as Vanilla, Milo, Oreo, Ovamaltine & another 2 which I can't remember. Since I love Milo, I decided to give it a shot! The ice cream rolls come with a choice of sauce (chocolate, strawberry) & a dry topping (chocolate rice, rainbow rice) at $3.90. A choice of topping can be added for $0.50! Sadly my topping only came as a half & it tasted a little plastic like 😔 As for the ice cream rolls, I must say it wasn't as good as I expected & it felt like I got psyched up for nothing. Sigh.

This one is Nutella flavour 😋 and it really burst with nutella taste! Being rolled actually make ice cream has a chewy texture which is FUN! Owner is super friendly and they open till 11 PM. Great place for late night dessert!


Tumbling into Thomson V Two is Famous Ice Cream Rolls, the popular concept from Bangkok that has turned ice cream making into quite a spectacle. Watch as the liquid ice cream base is "fried" and chopped on a super cold surface, turned into solid ice cream, and scraped into rolls right before your eyes. Available in six flavours like Milk or Oreo, go for the Ovomaltine flavour ($3.90 a cup) for a taste of nostalgia. Go crazy with their additional toppings at 50 cents each, or pair the ice cream rolls with some waffles. Be prepared to wait at least 45 minutes, and to eat your ice cream quickly as it melts pretty fast!


Friendly staff and affordable prices. Ice cream was a tad sweet for me though!


You can choose from 6 bases and 1 sauce/rainbow sprinkles at $3.90 each with 4 rolls for each serving.
Chose a Nutella base with Hershey sauce and additional toppings of rainbow sprinkles and Oreo. Taste wise was below expectations – texture was sticky and I could taste lumps of Nutella and everything tasted individually on its own. It melted profusely within 30 seconds even though I was seating indoor with air conditioner.
PS: was told that the waiting time was 15-20 minutes but in the end, I had to wait more than 1 hour. so be sure of the waiting time if you are not prepared to wait.
Find out more about wad I went through to had this cup of fried ice cream in the link from my profile 😞