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[CLOSED] The Fickle Mussel

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Enjoy French cuisines at affordable prices.


From the Burpple community

Superb laksa sauce. Right level of spiciness, thick consistency and full of flavour from the spices and dried shrimps. Al dente linguine. 2 large well cooked prawns that were sweet. Very satisfying meal.


Boring choice, Al dente pasta, minced beef were chewy but well marinated. Can't go wrong with this. Set lunch on weekdays are priced at $10 nett, including a soft drink of your choice. Pretty value for money.


Initially starting out with a Thai-Western fusion menu, The Fickle Mussel has changed tack and is now going French-inspired. Some French offerings include escargots and foie gras (both $9.90), while other dishes lean toward more Asian flavours, like the Laksa Linguine with Grilled King Prawns ($15.90) — pasta coated with “slurpilicious” laksa gravy and two large prawns. If you are a little fickle (hah), the Fickle Burger ($18.90) with foie gras, premium beef patty and sweet potato fries should be an easy choice. This casual spot is good for a lunch treat (look out for their $16.90 set lunches) or an afterwork wind-down.


Essentially the now classic French concept’s laksa linguine pasta version 2.0 after some saviour of the souls of great food used Revive, Life Shrooms, Phoenix Down or similar revival item. This is by no means as good as the original – aside from the clumpier pasta and less magnetic lead actor(s), the distinctive Nissin-esque flavour is noticeably weaker, with the dish going for a more unequivocally numbing approach – but it’s a good step in the right direction, and proves that The Fickle Mussel still has it in them to deliver a smash. 4.1/5

This was a hosted meal, courtesy of The Fickle Mussel.


A little weird tasting. A cafe specializing in mussels. Interesting.


So I visited The Fickle Mussel a few weeks ago when it was a Thai-Western fusion concept, and it was a terrific experience - I particularly adored their Laksa Linguine Pasta with crayfish and caviar and Tom Yum-esque Mad Mussels. I excitedly brought a friend to try the place out weeks later and to my shock and disbelief, every single item I had was no longer available...as The Fickle Mussel has now morphed into a French concept. I held on tightly to my faith in them since the first experience was so memorable, and gave their scallops, duck breast, escargot and laksa mussels a shot. Abject disappointment would almost be too charitable a way to describe the experience. The only redeeming item - the Laksa Mussels - is like a sad, abandoned, orphaned lovechild of the aforementioned two items which have since perished forever. It's a sad, sad situation.