From the Burpple community

The heyday of instant Mac & cheese has come and gone - no longer do we have to begrudgingly settle for mushy elbow pasta drenched in plasticky cheese. @thefrenchgarconsg has made piping hot and indulgently rich mac & cheese accessible to the young folk, especially those of Singapore and Ngee Ann poly! Just pick your carb, sauce base, toppings, watch them mix it all up in their frying pan, and you’re good to go. Their take-away boxes even come complete with a handle! 😂

We especially liked how the cheese base paid homage to its predecessor with its strong nacho cheese flavor - a nostalgic taste that is oh-so comforting!! Add some crunch to your lil’ treasure box with the umami spam bits, and finish garnishing it with their special seasoning (comprising cajun, curry powder, and top secret ingredients)!!! It’s a pity we didn’t get to try their Doritos and salted egg mac & cheese😭 But as an unashamed junk food lover, I’ll definitely be back to satisfy my curiosity!!