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Liji Coffee House

Forgot the price :)

Really well balanced! Sauce not too salty, ratio of filling to the chang fen is just nice!

The ckn and siobak were average as usual so it's really a surprise that the char siew was so tender and fatty enough. Lovely stuff

Noodles were average though, but the sambal saved it. The wantons were fine, quite a lot of crunch and freshness from the water chestnuts and black fungus, but there's only 3 of them(they substituted two for 1 dumpling here)

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Not enough ckn but you can choose any other toppings that is usually sold w rice

There's a lot GG on because there's mushrooms and the gravy and sambal and green chilies and veggies

But the main draw is how the noodles is a separate queue for ckn rice stall, and it's usually much shorter so you can come here to quickly get your horfun or wanton me

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Beef w radish stew was not good, beef was tough

The pork belly stir fry is pretty good tho, and really generous portion

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Pretty sure the chefs have changed, look at the well caramelised pieces. However the queue moves much slower now, maybe due to the new guy at the counter

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Pretty average, the soup was very light and the noodle texture was something I didn't personally enjoy, quite different from normal(lacks bite)