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  • Conceptualised by Hong Kong brewery Young Master
  • Spacious gastropub with a circular bar in the middle
  • Hong Kong-inspired brews and comfort food
  • Mac & Cheese, Spicy Frog Legs, Brawn Terrine

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From the Burpple community

The bacon bits is somewhat of a scam because you're really kind of forced to add it, you need a little bit of contrast. So that wasn't super value for money

Nonetheless this was absolutely delicious. Creamy, rich, there's some umami from the cheese, yet it wasn't too jelat. Pasta was on point as well. I haven't had too many gourmet Mac and cheese, or even Mac and cheese tbh, so this is definitely the best I've had so far. Nonetheless, it's worth it

Even tho I say it's not too jelat, probably best to split with someone lol

Saw a video of bifengtang lobster on eater? And was tempted to try.

This wasn't a great version though, the white wine? Taste overwhelmed everything else and you can hardly taste the spices.

Meat sauce(Ragu) had a slight tang, pasta texture was decent. If I'm not wrong they replaced liver w foie gras, very crispy outside and creamy inside, but there was a taste which I didn't like at all, maybe cos I rarely eat foie. Overall a competent rendition

Not cos you're drunk but cos the Fleeting Clouds ($13hh/$18) combined a wheaty goodness with a light sweetness that makes you feel like you're staring down at a wheat field. Very relaxing and easy to drink.

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A picture speaks a thousand words. And @theguildsingapore's 𝗠𝗮𝗰 & 𝗖𝗵𝗲𝗲𝘀𝗲 ($21) cajoles rather enticingly with its sensual shades of house-cured-egg tangerine, bleeding seamlessly into scintillating hues of cheesy, creamy gold. 🥵🧀🍳
No frills, just a nice bite and silky finish befitting of its cheesy opulence. Precisely what I envision a great Mac & Cheese to be like. Chase it with swigs of scrumptious @youngmastersg pours ($13) off their happy hour menu (4pm-8pm) and that's real happiness. ✨

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I can’t say I was mighty impressed with everything we had at The Guild, but I can say with absolutely certainty that their Mac N Cheese is one decadent number worth every cent and calorie. It’s nothing fancy so there’s not much to describe really; it’s just blatantly yummy. You’re looking at perfectly cooked macaroni that still retains a nice bite, coated in a sauce that’s basically what liquid cheese would mean to me, and finished with a glorious house-cured egg yolk in the prettiest orange hue. Give it all a good mix, and that resulting creamy, rich, and cheesy dish is all I need in a good mac n cheese 🤤💕