The Hainan Story - Chapter One (Hotel Boss)

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The Hainan Story opens a 24-Hour coffee house at Hotel Boss, introducing a medley of new items. Savour swiss rolls and cookies by ex-Antoinette Chef Pang Kok Keong, grilled goodness by ‘God of Kitchen’ Chef Austen Ong and other heartwarming dishes by Baoshi’s in-house chef. This outlet is 24/7.

500 Jalan Sultan
#01-09 Hotel Boss
Singapore 199020

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Open 24 hours

Open 24 hours

Open 24 hours

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Open 24 hours

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From the Burpple community

Not good. The pork belly was tough and the braising liquid was found wanting, despite the addition of dried cuttlefish? Which was very tough. Very sad for this price

Egg was not bad at all. Chili was good too because it's less spicy than normal without compromising on any of the flavour so you can heap more onto the food without burning your mouth haha

The kway was delicious though, it has a bite and it's made a lot better with the translucent flavourful soup suitably amped up with white pepper. Get it on its own without the overpriced sad claypot pork belly

Overall hits and misses, I won't make a trip here. Come here if you're in the area before/after the crowd, and know damn well exactly what to order

This was delicious, the pumpkin sweetness came through, but just enough such that it's still a savoury porridge. The meatballs had a pleasant mushy "fibrous" texture, kinda reminiscent of xlb filling. Ultimately this was a win, but the plain pumpkin porridge only costs 2+, which is what a rational foodie should choose haha(idk if you're allowed to add on ingredients to that, otherwise everyone would do that)

The gula melaka Kaya was fantastic. Really complex flavour. Butter was soft and salted, and the bread was neither the soft and well crisped up kind or the thin and super crispy kind. It's got a good bite and might not be for everyone. Since every component is on point, got to give credit where it's due. A very solid rendition that's reasonably priced too

Gf said she's had better but ok lah she's from Malaysia I don't doubt she's had better Kaya. Lavender for one does(and there's one at jewel alr) but I enjoyed this very much nonetheless

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We ordered the steamed and roasted chicken as well as the pumpkin porridge in different flavours. Side dishes include sambal stingray, satay and kou rou (braised pork belly?).

The stingray had a thick layer of flesh which is really worth it, and good news to people who can't take spicy - the sambal is pretty mild 😂

The satay came with a unique pineapple sauce and the usual peanut sauce. The pineapple sauce had a tinge of spiciness 🌶 I preferred the peanut sauce more.

I would recommend trying the pumpkin porridge > chicken rice for something special! 👍

This place is very very popular and, while there's hits and misses, I still fail to comprehend the hype because I tot the price should already deter people. Ya it's not super expensive but this is basically a restaurant price for hawker food. Guess I'll chalk it up to good marketing then. We came at 5plus to avoid the dinner crowd. The queue is pretty insane during dinner

I'm almost happy this didn't taste good. My gf has been on a roll and she's been crushing me and my pride as a seasoned foodie for the food choices. She ordered this because she needed some kind of dessert and she didn't like Swiss rolls

The ratio was very off. Way too much of that lousy crust, plus the layer of gula melaka u actually can't taste the custard cos there's so little of it

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Again it's very pricey for this tiny slice. Literally two bites for me.

Theirs was unique, it's closer to mooncake filling than normal Kaya custard. So u can't compare against the good ones like rich and good I feel, it's too different. But if you can imagine mooncake taste for those custard-like mooncakes then again not worth at all