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From the Burpple community

1.5 munchies: Apparently I was told that the Chicken Gyro Falafel from The Halal Guys is a must-have after visiting the MoMA. Just when I was anticipating to be wow-ed by this value-for-money dish (US$7), the rice was tasteless and strips of chicken were dry. The "special" white sauce also tasted like regular mayonnaise to me.

Little had I known that this meal turned out to be the most miserable and painful one I've ever had. Not only was I shivering and struggling to eat my food by the road at -2° C, I was also later contracted with giardiasis – an infection in my small intestine that was caused by a microscopic parasite. Another NTU classmate of mine, who had eaten the wrap from the same roadside stall a few days before I did, got it far worse than me. She even had to be sent to the Emergency Room and put on drips!

This is why I don't usually eat or get fascinated by street food when I travel. Not anymore, ever. #munchinginNY


The Halal Guys Food Trunk present this Chicken & Gyro Rice which is absolutely delicious and surprising flavorsome, with an addictive white sauce and is somewhat spicy.
Looks like a very BIG plate and we almost finished this, despite being full.

At corner of 53rd street and 6th avenue #NYC


My favouritest New York street food. Mixed gyro & chicken over rice w the magical white sauce and amazing hot sauce. The hot sauce just makes you want to scoop more of the white sauce chicken rice mixture into your mouth... And you just keep repeating till you finish the whole plate...


Perhaps one of the best meals I had in nyc. Chicken and beef gyro from a food truck in Manhattan - The Halal Guys. The meats were well marinated, and the basmati rice fragrant. Not forgetting the firm pita. They deserve all the hype! It was sinfully good and so cheap! And yes, please don’t underestimate the hot sauce. Crazy spicy! The white sauce is TO DIE FOR.

The Famous Halal Guys!! Yummyyyy... #food #newyork #delicious

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