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Told the bartender our favorite types of cocktails and the flavor nodes we were looking for then told her to freestyle it and surprise us.
She hit the spot perfectly with her well crafted drinks. Never a disappointment here!

Never did I expect to indulge in innovative Turkish cuisine in Bangkok, let alone a multi-course meal that astounded and allowed me to learn about Turkish heritage and food.
Listed in #asias50best restaurants 2017, @thehouseonsathorn serves a Signature Journey Tasting Menu in “The Dining Room” that I found to be thoroughly enjoyable.
It isn’t everyday one gets to dine in a colonial mansion that’s almost 130 years old, furnished in the most resplendent style. Any fears I had that I was in for a stuffy time evaporated once I read the menu. Chef and Culinary Director @fatih_tutak is a man with a sense of humour.
As each course arrived, Chef shared the story behind it, so the meal unfolded like a culinary tale of Turkish history alongside references to his own life. It began with delicious Mezzes: Foie gras & sweet fig jam in Turkish wafer halva, “Lady’s Thigh” Wagyu kofta, Black mussel in an edible shell, “Menemen Egg” (a soft-cooked egg with “sucuk” & kashkaval cheese), as well as Pide bread served with “Kaymak” (clotted cream and honey comb) & a spicy “Cokelek” that‘s to-die-for.
Next was a dish with the funniest moniker: “Thailand Has Plenty Of Crab Hallelujah” which I‘ve posted about separately, so please go read it.
Then came the “Most Delicious Part Of The Turkish Salad”, a refreshing cold soup of feta, tomato, juice of salad & “Ekmek”, followed by the “Zeytinya Of Summer”, a trompe l'oeil of sweet peppers, umami cream & green paste.
A tribute to his mother appeared after, in the delicious form of “Manti”, “Kaymak”, vegetables and mint cream.
Representatives from the ocean and the sky were the last two courses before desserts. The former was seabass with artichoke and avgolemono, while the latter was a 17-day-aged charcoal-roasted Anju quail with rainbow chard and grape.
The desserts of “Bici Bici” (rose flavoured shaved ice) and sheep cheese curd with goat milk ice-cream were playful and really scrumptious. Same goes for the pair of petit fours, one of chocolate and the other of pomegranate liquid encased in white cacao, that were delivered on a bonsai tree.

After hearing Turkish Chef Fatih Tutak lament about never coming across any crab dishes in his homeland, I assumed this is is his tribute and celebration of a crustacean he loves. Its name: “Plenty Of Crab In Thailand Hallelujah” cracked me up the moment I saw it but its taste was no laughing matter.
The Turkish-style flavoured deliciousness presented here was of a decadent nature involving plenty of freshly steamed shredded crab meat, crab roe mayo, Wagyu beef tongue pastrami, silky potato cream, shatteringly crisp potato “glass” and savoury dark pearls of Beluga caviar. I love that the sweetness of the crab managed to still remain the most pronounced facet of taste here. Hallelujah indeed.
Honestly, I feel the multi-course “Signature Journey” tasting menu at “The Dining Room” within “The House On Sathorn”, ranked No. 36 on “Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants”, is worth the price of THB 3,400 (before taxes). This works out to be around SGD 140 which is very decent considering the stellar quality and taste of the Modern Turkish cuisine served. They also offer a wine pairing menu at THB 2,400 for those who love to have a drink while they dine.


I have tried a good number of restaurants on Asia’s 50 Best, and must say The Dining Room at The House on Sathorn still manages to excite.

The food was nothing like what I experienced before.

A large handful, if not all the dishes were innovative, yet you do not feel it is going over-board. (Some restaurants get overly theatrical and try-to-hard, which can be off-putting.) You get the sense that Chef Fatih @fatih_tutak is not a one-trick pony, and you continue to look forward to the next dish. Lovely meal.
http://danielfooddiary.com/2017/11/19/thediningroom/ #DFDBangkok

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