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It’s funny that it took an American dude to introduce me to an ice-cream shop opened by three young Singaporeans that happens to specialise in locally-inspired flavours.
Nine-months-old @the.humblescoop is situated in the basement of Katong Shopping Centre, very close to the food court with the famous chicken rice stall. They don’t have that many seats in there but based on what I saw, most customers do take-away anyway.
Before making my final pick, I could not resist sampling a few of the other flavours because the descriptions were too tempting and the names, cute enough to elicit chuckles.
Overall, I found their ice-cream good - it’s thick, smooth, rich and creamy, and the flavours did not lack in robustness.
I enjoyed my eventual choice - a single scoop of “In-Kueh-Dible” (salted coconut and #gulamelaka) but was more than happy to steal some of @timtimtokyo’s “Black Sesame Paste” too because that one really rocks!
Another flavour that impressed me a lot which I feel is worth getting is the “Sugar Cane with Lemon”. It tastes just like the real thing because well, it’s made from the actual drink.


Decided to support this humble little outfit nestled in a corner of Katong Shopping Centre - they have really unique local inspired flavours and very tasty too! We got sugar cane with lemon + coconut and gula melaka- both retained the original tastes of its ingredients and were very refreshing indeed 😋 Super worth! Will be back to try their pulut hitam and earl grey flavours next time!

This was pineapple, lime and chilli flavoured, which made this refreshing and very unique! It’s father’s day weekend so dads get a macaron with an ice cream purchase.

Tried a new flavour at @the.humblescoop again today! I got gam-ba-teh which is earl grey tea and the flavours were very fragrant. I love earl grey so I loved this and was very happy eating it too! 😍😍


They're basically a small shop that is located within Katong Shopping Centre selling ice creams, drinks and waffles. What's so special about them are their Locally Inspired flavours!
As a child, I grew up eating Haw flakes. They're this small circular Chips wrapped in paper packaging. It comes in this pale/dark pink colour. When I saw this available there, I knew I had to try it! It tastes just like the Haw flakes that I remembered. It leaves a tangy aftertaste in the mouth and can be quite addicting!
Thanks to @ariane.le for holding all 3 for us to take photo. 😇

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This was rich in black sesame flavour which was very fragrant and it tasted like the Chinese dessert indeed. It wasn’t too sweet as well and it wasn’t too rich that I would get sick of it too 😋