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865 Mountbatten Road
#B1-92 Katong Shopping Centre
Singapore 437844

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12:00pm - 09:30pm

12:00pm - 09:30pm

12:00pm - 09:30pm

12:00pm - 09:30pm


12:00pm - 09:30pm

12:00pm - 09:30pm

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From the Burpple community

The Humble Scoop is a relatively new scoop shop in the basement of Katong Shopping Centre which serves flavours with a local twist.

The oldies loved their signature orh-bee-good (or pulut hitam) ice cream.

As for me, I liked that their gam-bah-teh (or earl grey milk tea) ice cream had a strong bold Earl Grey flavour and a nice rich creamy finish.

For my 2nd scoop, I decided to be a little more adventurous with their huat lah (pineapple, lime and chilli) ice cream. It has been described on their website as a throwback to the old days when roadside fruit stall sellers will provide a huge container of dark soy sauce with cut chilli padi for you to dip your cut pineapple in. The pineapple and lime was a little mild for my liking but there was an interesting and nice fiery kick at the end of each spoonful.

@the.humblescoop is really out of the way but I will try to be back for their waffles and other flavours.


This is a kopi gao in a cone literally! In fact they are made with Nanyang coffee beans.

Featuring Kopi C Siew Dai from @the.humblescoop. If you are in Katong area, you can find your scoop of happy scream inside Katong Shopping Center.

They have many more local inspired unique flavours which you cannot find easily elsewhere!

Orh-Bee-Good (Pulut Hitam)
In-Kueh-Dible ( Salted Coconut & Gula Melaka)
Old School Chocolate
Kopi C Siew Dai
Oolong Milk Tea
Guava Sourplum
Strawberry Lassi (Strawberry Yogurt)

The Humble Scoop now have Mantou with ice cream on weekends! I had the guava with sour plum ice cream and it was very refreshing. The mantou was crispy on the outside and fluffy inside too.

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To continue our commitment to #reducereuserecycle, I got my delightful scoop served in my #byo container. Perfect size for a scoop of ice cream. Bought it from a Japan store (Tokutokuya) for $2 at Suntec City which comes with a seal tight lid too.

Back again! Tried their Deepavali special, strawberry lassi, and Orh Haw (hawthorn) and Oolong. I quite liked their strawberry lassi and I think they should make it a permanent flavour on rotation! It’s tart and yogurty, but not overly creamy. The frozen strawberry chunks inside also make it taste extra great. Got the hawthorn flavour again since my brothers didn’t try it before and I love it because there’s nothing like it anywhere else. It’s a refreshing sorbet! Lastly, got their oolong, which has a very rich, smokey tea flavour and is very creamy. It’s similar in consistency to their earl grey, although I find the earl grey to be more fragrant. My brother likes the oolong more though.

Overall I love this place. It’s a small space but the servers are so nice and patient when you sample the flavours. Another flavour I liked while sampling is the Old School Chocolate, which unlike its name, doesn’t taste like chocolate coins that you’d get during Chinese New Year or mama shop chocolate wafers. It tastes super rich and dark, and almost has a sticky texture. Would go for it if you like really thick chocolate.

The mandarin orange was very refreshing, and had a good balance between being tart and sweet, we liked it a lot! The salted coco with gula was good too, it tasted kinda like kuehkueh! Texture wise, it was not the most creamy but still decent. The owner was very friendly too! I’ll be back to support, I like how they offer locally inspired flavours :)