The Ice Cream & Cookie Co.

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We're a leading manufacturer and distributor of artisanal gelato, dairy-free sorbet, premium commercial ice cream, and gourmet desserts. Our products are thoughtfully crafted by our dedicated artisans with combination of flavour, textures, and visual appeal front of mind. They are available to order on our website and on RedMart.


From the Burpple community

Bought this today cuz it was on sale in the supermarket and the packaging was pretty.
Would not recommend. It's sooooooo sweet. In fact, after a few spoonfuls my mouth feels so dry. Sure taught me not to judge a book by its cover. 😂

Price: $9.75 (normal price $12+) #halfeatenblog #icecream #vanilla #burpple

Mondays don't have to be blue. Not when you have ice cream. Not when you have your OWN ice cream, made to order, just the way you like it.

With @icecreamcookieco's brilliant new design-your-own service, gelato just got way more personal! At $79 for 4 pints, you get to assemble your own gelato from a variety of 12 base flavours and 12 mix-ins.

The coolest part is being able to design your own label – add your own text and pictures to turn your pints into birthday gifts, proposal gifts, anniversary gifts, baby shower gifts, breakup gifts (to comfort yourself with)... although, really, do you even need a reason to get yourself ice cream?!

Hop on over to to start creating your own gelato, now!


Rich chocolatey dessert. The dessert is a mixture of soft sugar-rich chocolatey brownie-like layer cushioning on both sides of a slice of cold equally chocolatey and hazelnut flavored creamy ice cream. Ultimate indulgence. Unable to finish this in a instance because good food is meant to be leisurely enjoyed. Yumz. You can imagine the calories, so do some exercise to offset this indulgence!

Currently obsessed with this sinful dessert: one of a kind ice cream sandwiches made by, i have to give credit to the cookies which are goeey and very tasty, sandwiching gourmet homemade ice cream. Extremely smitten with the choco hazelnut one! The peppermint is also good. Will try the other ones soon. Online order $5 per piece, but i bought from a reseller for $8 per piece. Quite steep but totally worth every penny. My indulgence for my post work lunch earlier today.


Tried this at Savour 2014. Foie Gras Gelato, brown butter crumble, moscato sponge on a later of raspberry compote. Interesting combination. The foie gras ice cream when eaten alone can be overwhelming buy when eaten with the crumble, sponge and compote, it taste pretty good.


Earl Grey Ice Cream sandwiched between 2 lemon zest cookies. Love the earl grey ice cream; strong flavour there! I like. However, the lemon cookies crumble easily, makes eating difficult.