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In 2014, Aussie Chef Darren Farr started The Lokal, a Modern Australian Restaurant-Bar, providing all our customers with homemade comfort food — including butter, sauces, pickles and meats all made on site. Our name is German for local, an influence that be explained by its proximity to Goethe-Institut Singapore and is also reflective of our diverse and worldly approach towards food that can be enjoyed by the people in Singapore.  In the day, he serves up healthy and hearty brunches like Smashed Avocado with Ricotta, Roasted Pumpkin Salad, and Steak & Eggs, but slowly transits into a cozy and versatile space for intimate dinners & casual cocktails sessions with comfort food by German Head Chef Max Strauch such as Tasmanian Grass Fed Steak Frites, Catch of the Day and Grilled Pork Chops. Aside from the normal menus, both Chef Darren & Max also prepare Daily Specials with fresh seasonal produces for Brunch & Dinner, like Victorian Truffles & White Asparagus.

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One of the better beef burgers. It's really juicy and the inside was a perfect medium rare. Slightly heavy handed on the mustard, and could do w a bit more flavour. Nonetheless pretty good, no regrets ordering this. Friend said wolf burger has a cheaper and better wagyu burger tho

Ricotta and the multigrain bread were fine, the jam had a nice tartness and it's nice, as well as quite rare to see manuka honey used. You can taste it immediately

Sourdough 2++
The least sour sourdough I've had, and that's why I really like it. It's basically like white bread but with great texture. Well toasted too. If you're getting bread, get this for sure.

Butter 1++
Slightly salted, comes in a block and it's not well rested

Kaya 1++
This is really where it's at. Probably the best thing for the entire meal. Gula melaka came through and the texture is insane. It's almost like a cream, ridiculously smooth and velvety. Must try!

Overrated af and overpriced. I didn't think the banana bread was impressive in any way, it's moist and slightly different from normal but not anywhere deserving of 15bucks. The yoghurt cream was no substitute for normal cream and doesn't mesh well with the banana bread either. Underwhelmed after wanting to try this for 5 years

Toasted Banana Bread ($15++)
The first thing that hit me was oof sour. The citrus and house-made yoghurt was really tangy, and although I'm not too sure if I like this flavour addition, it did help to provide some balance with the sweet banana bread and the really sweet sticky date pudding we had before. The banana bread was moist though, and there's macadamia nuts topping for added flavour. Was actually surprised the caramalised banana wasn't sweet at all tho.

Overall Rating: 7/10

Sticky Date Pudding ($10++)
Started with this and it was really sweet, although most Sticky Date Puddings I've had are pretty sweet. Personally enjoy the pairing of warm choc cakes with icecream, so this was pretty much a decent pairing for me. The vanilla icecream was quite smooth but nothing much to shout about, literally what you'll expect from Vanilla Icecream. Would prefer for the dessert to be "stickier" though.

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