At The Market Grill, everything begins with freshness and quality. Expect fresh cuts of steak, home-made beef burger patties prepared daily and live Atlantic lobsters cooked to order. Expect a fun dining experience in the vicinity of Telok Ayer where diners can watch meats and lobsters being freshly grilled to perfection with the specially imported "Woodstone" Charbroiler. Inspired by a blend of traditional old-style butcheries and diners, The Market Grill provides visitors an option of simple and generous portions of freshly grilled market produce. An Unlisted Collection: Property
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208 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068642

11:30am - 02:30pm
06:00pm - 10:00pm

11:30am - 02:30pm
06:00pm - 10:00pm


11:30am - 02:30pm
06:00pm - 10:00pm

11:30am - 02:30pm
06:00pm - 10:00pm

11:30am - 02:30pm
06:00pm - 10:00pm

11:30am - 02:30pm
06:00pm - 10:00pm



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Finally visited the market grill after finding out about their good promo on Burpple (1-for-1 new burgers). Enjoyed the buttery burger and the softness of the fish really went well together. Will try the rest of the burgers the next time! (7.4/10)

I love this platter of meats that came with heavenly smoky flavour, and that's cos Chef Kenneth Lin grilled each of these over an open charcoal fire. The interior of the meats retained their juiciness, especially the spring chicken. The flesh of the chicken was glistening, and the breast wasn't "siap" (astringent) at all.
Pictured is the platter for 3-4 pax, and it came with 500g Spiral Pork sausage, half a Spring chicken, 200g of Bavette, 150g of Secreto Pork, and the following sides - babaganoush, home cured item, pulled pork mac and cheese, grilled seasonal vegetables, and grilled sour dough. If that's too much for you, there's a smaller platter for two ($88++) that comes with 200g Pork Sausage, half a Spring chicken, 200g of Bavette and the same sides.
It's newly launched and available daily, except Sundays when The Market Grill is closed. This is taken during a Burpple Eatup, thanks Elswyth and Chef Kenneth Lin for hosting us!

I remember falling in love with Market Grill’s lobster roll years ago, when they were among the first to introduce this decadent sandwich to picky Singaporeans. I still love how the herbed mayo lightly coats the hefty chunks of lobster, easing it into the brioche roll without stealing the limelight. Fair warning though: at $52 a roll it literally tears a new a*hole in your wallet. And for that pricetag, I’d expect the brioche roll to be more buttery and well-toasted.

If you can’t tell just from the photo, let me assure you it’s MASSIVE. Easily feeding 4, you get a 500g spiral pork sausage, half a Sakura spring chicken, pulled pork mac and cheese, 200g bavette, 250g secreto pork, sides of grilled veggies, babaganoush, house-cured item, sourdough and sauces. Phew that was quite the mouthful! Of these, the unanimous fave was the chicken: unbelievably moist, tender, and so so flavourful, I can’t imagine how long they brined their meat!

Maybe The Market Grill.

The CW Cod Fish Burger (SGD$28.00) - if I was expecting some sub-standard deep-fried cod patty, I was in for a surprise. Toasted parmesan bun clasped a generous fillet of grilled pommery-marinated buttery Atlantic cod - all flakey and tender and freshness. Other ingredients flanked together by the buns were vine cherry tomatoes, romaine lettuce and lemony herb mayonnaise. Every bite was a palate adventure and discovery of how good tastes come together.

Essentially a great atas appetiser to start with full of many things I can't pronounce like: rosette superieure saucisson, chorizo iberico, pate forestier & duck rilette. Thanks @oo_foodielicious for feeding me again 😂

So many reasons to love this:
HUGE mussels.
Kickass house-made crustacean bisque that's got white wine, brandy, chili padi and a truckload of garlic.
Toasted ciabatta to mop every drop of it with.
Yes, it's ideal for sharing but the question is, do you really want to?

One bite was all it took to confirm the obvious succulence and bouncy-flesh yumminess of this lobster. Not that it should surprise as minutes prior, this creature was blowing bubbles with its buddies in the glass tank across my table.
As eager as I was to indulge in its bare naked sweetness, the accompanying garlic butter oil was such a sneaky temptress I had no choice but to succumb.

Crispy Pigs Ears perfectly done all the way thru with portions of the white cartilage chewier than other parts for tt bit of textural contrast. Perfect beer snack? I say, yas.

Go straight for the Mussel Bisque. It looks simple and homely, but that full-flavored homemade crustacean bisque, made complex with brandy, wine, garlic and a touch of chilli, is worth rolling up your sleeves for and slurping down to the last drop. #MediaTasting

Minutes ago, the lobster stuffed to overflowing in my toasted brioche roll was hanging out with its buddies in the tank behind 😳 Luckily it tasted good enough to keep me distracted from this rather disturbing thought 😋 I must admit I was curious though as to why there's a need for that single leaf of lettuce I found tucked at the bottom of everything 🤔 I did truly appreciate the competently done sides of crispy, salty golden fries and simple salad of mixed greens though. They did the job of turning my Lobster Roll into a meal 😄

Best fish burger alive - must be those mustard kissed soft as pillow toasted buns, succulent chunk of cod and a tasty side of salad and fries. Who needs beef when this cod rules? #foodporn #burpple #unlistedcollectionsg #unlistedcollection #unlistedchefs #marketgrillsg

The hefty chunks of portobello loaded in this beef burger make it seem twice as meaty! With the milky-creamy sauce used to sauté the mushrooms as the delicious glue to keep all the good stuff in there together, crisp bacon included, this is another burger that gets two thumbs up from me.

Everything about the CW Burger Breakfast just hit the mark for me. The soft, fluffy sesame seed-studded bun was perfectly buttered and toasted while the handmade beef patty cooked medium-rare, was supremely juicy and tender. I chose the 150gms option for the patty ($24++) today but will unreservedly, zero in on the 200gms one ($33++) the next time I'm here because the beef was beautifully seasoned and done to perfection. Melted aged cheddar, crispy bacon and a glorious sunny-side-up egg completed this far-from-complicated but oh-so-fabulous burger.
Highly recommended.

This casual-chic joint in Telok Ayer is known for its grilled steaks and lobsters, but here's what we are returning for — the CW Cod Fish ($28), which sees Pommery-marinated Atlantic cod and lemony herbed mayo sandwiched in a Parmesan bun. Don't be deceived by the burger's unassuming appearance — every element was spot on. We love the tang of the mustard, which brought out the super firm yet moist and perfectly grilled fish, and the bun was nice and soft. The burger is served with fries and salad, both of which are perfunctory but not fabulous. You may want to order the Sarladaise Potatoes (roasted with skin on, $8) on the side. The Market Grill's location near the CBD makes it perfect for an after-work date night; we give it bonus points for waiving service charge!
Photo by Burppler Jayne Tan

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Burpple Exclusive
1-for-1 Burger
Till 31 Oct 2017
The Market Grill Tanjong Pagar


1. Enjoy 1-for-1 burgers when you quote “1for1Burpple” during your reservation in the comment section on Burpple's app, website, [email protected] or call 6221 3323

2. Diners have to order at least one of the following new burgers in order to qualify for the exclusive - Chicken, Sword Fish and Mangalica Pork Burger. The lowest priced burger will be deemed complimentary

3. Valid for lunch and dinner from Monday to Thursday only

4. Limited to 1 redemption per reservation

5. Not valid with any other ongoing promotions, vouchers or discounts

6. Not available on eve of Public Holidays, Public Holidays and on Special Occasions

7. The management reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice

Complimentary Bottle of Beer
Till 31 Oct 2017
The Market Grill Tanjong Pagar


1. Enjoy a free bottle of beer (Kona Brewing Co) with any order of a main at The Market Grill

2. Valid from 1st October whilst stocks last

3. Applicable on Mondays only from 1130-2pm and 6-930pm

4. Not valid with any other ongoing promotions, vouchers or discounts

5. Not available on eve of Public Holidays, Public Holidays and on Special Occasions

6. The management reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice