Opened by Saveur’s ex-owner, The Masses is the creation of Dylan’s ideal of the perfect dining experience for every Singaporean: Great quality food, at an affordable, wallet-friendly price. Serving Modern, French-inspired Contemporary Cuisine, we take in many other elements from Japanese and World Cuisines as well. By blending fresh produce with modern cooking techniques, we let creative flavours take over your palate. Open everyday of the week, you can find us along Beach Road, Bugis, Singapore.
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85 Beach Road
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The star of the dish absolutely blew my expectations out of the water – incredibly light, fluffy, buttery and crumbly, the warm and pillowy hotcakes were good enough to eat on their own, but paired with the jammy berry compote, fresh berries, and the cold contrast of the vanilla ice cream, and you've got an absolutely delicious dessert on your hands.

Taste: 4/5

Horlick Mousse, Almond Crumble, Smoked Apple Purée, Horlick Ice Cream, Apple
Things are not all it seems with this cheese cake, for it is completely not a cheese cake and does not contain any cheese or cake whatsoever. Instead, what you get is is heap of horlick mousse that has a fluffy and very dense whipped cream texture, the horlick flavor is non-existent and lost in translation. There is also an absence of the malty horlick taste in the horlick ice cream which comes off tasting more like vanilla instead. The almond crumble, smoked apple purée and diced apples are a nice touch in giving a more multi-dimensional taste and texture to this dessert.

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Yoghurt Ice Cream, Gula Melaka Granola, Lavender Honey
This is a rather avant-garde dessert that tastes a little bizarre for lovers of familiar dessert flavors. The yoghurt ice cream is a tad bit sour that leaves a strange gritty texture on your tongue, the white flakes that top the ice cream has an odd styrofoam texture which melts in the mouth to a bland paste. The lavendar honey and gula melaka granola provides just a hint of sweetness to the off-tasting ice cream. The deep-fried camembert (a battered wedge of cheese coated in panko crumbs and deep-fried to golden-brown) is rich, heavy and extremely creamy, which drastically clashes with the rest of the dessert’s components.

This is probably what we imagine a chef-turned-bodybuilder will whip up in his kitchen to bulk up. This dish is very clean-tasting and healthy, which brings to mind the hashtag #eatclean. It is devoid of robust tastes, but makes up for it with its moist and tender chicken breast.

The best part about every superbly cooked duck confit is the skin. The skin on The Masses’ duck confit crackles with a savory and oily goodness, so thin and brittle that it shatters into multitudinous delicious shards with a perfunctory bite. The orange gastrique gives an uplifting fruity tanginess to the richness of the dense duck meat. But other than the orange reduction which gives it a sweet and sour flavor combination, the meat lacks in taste and succulency. We have had many other duck confits that explode and flow with juices upon cutting into it, a feature that the duck confit here does not mirror.

The first several bites of this chilled pasta is refreshing and invigorating with the sweet lobster bisque sauce loaded with chunks of malty swimmer crab meat. However, with more bites that you take, the base sauce gets rather cloying and overwhelming, and the slimy, heavy and chunky texture of it morphs into a rather unappetizing gooey glob in your mouth. We would suggest either ordering this as a starter or sharing the full sized portion with your friends so that you can thoroughly enjoy the richness of this dish without smothering your palette.

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The grill marks on the avocado impart a slightly smoky and bitter flavor to the ever-green creaminess of the avocado. The brininess of the pickles and tanginess of the sour cream contribute  to a refreshingly zesty flavor, while the almond crumble gives a contrasting nutty crunch to the dish.

Under the pile of ikura, ebikko, chives and potato chips is a steaming bowl of soft and custardy chawanmushi. The chawanmushi is so soft that it melts in your mouth, complemented with the nutty silkiness of the beurre noisette (brown butter) and the juicy and savory pop of the ikura and ebikko. Unfortunately, the weird texture of the potato chips spoiled this dish for us. The chips have this bizarre soggy cardboard texture and are rather bland, which takes away a lot of the flavor from the egg.

Thick, luscious and creamy, this soup leaves a sticky mouthfeel from the high content of collagen contained within. The clams which have been boiled into the soup are plump and juicy and have infused the viscous liquid with a sweet taste of the sea.

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this was flakey and tender; well cooked albeit a lil bland. however i especially liked the complements of the braised fennel, cauliflower purée and strawberry jam that brought out more dimensions of flavor to the fish

What's not to like about deep-fried cheese? The sourish yoghurt ice cream, gula melaka granola, lavender honey and ricotta crumble all worked together beautifully as well.

Taste: 3.5/5


This didn't live up to the hype as I was hoping it would. The admittedly generous amount of caviar, crab and clams could have been fresher, and the lobster bisque sauce was slightly too thick for my liking. Not a bad dish by any means, but it could have been so much better.

Taste: 3/5


Hits and misses at The Masses, but their take on chee cheong fun was like a chain reaction of flavours that made me go back for more. Moreish pulled duck confit is stuffed into silken sheets of rice flour and set in a pool of scallion oil, balsamic soy and sambal chilli that's packing heat and umami. Sprinkled on top is pangritata - or poor man's parmesan - toasted breadcrumbs with herbs that cleverly adds both flavour and crunch. Pro-tip: Top-up $4 for a helping of foie gras alongside your chee cheong fun; they go surprisingly well together.

Taste: 4/5


Whilst poached egg and avocado on sourdough is a time-tested combination that works, I’m not entirely sure how well the disparate elements of crab and ikura juxtaposed against pickled and roasted pear and a citrusy blood orange hollandaise meshed together. All in all, a confusing clash of flavours that would benefit from the old adage less is more.

Taste: 3/5


cold angel hair w caviar, clams, crabmeat and chorizo in a lobster bisque sauce — despite he overload of ingredients this starter was umami yet refreshing :”) pretty worth it for $10.9 as well for its portion and ingredients


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