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The Masses

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Opened by Saveur’s ex-owner, The Masses is the creation of Dylan’s ideal of the perfect dining experience for every Singaporean: Great quality food, at an affordable, wallet-friendly price. Serving Modern, French-inspired Contemporary Cuisine, we take in many other elements from Japanese and World Cuisines as well. By blending fresh produce with modern cooking techniques, we let creative flavours take over your palate. Open everyday of the week, you can find us along Beach Road, Bugis, Singapore.

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From the Burpple community

It’s just the place to keep returning to because they are always evolving.
I’m not big on lamb, but love the two versions Chef Dylan Ong put out: the char siew version on the regular menu, and the lamb char siew kofta for Christmas.
Both were distinct, and almost equally good. I lean towards the char siew cos I love the amount of sweet and fat, with the mix of meat. And that mint sour cream just ties it up.
I am just craving it now, just thinking about it.

Thirty-month old Masses has refreshed its menu as they enter into Menu 8.0 with 13 new dishes and 14 others from the best of the seven preceding menus. The brain with the tenacity behind this is chef-owner Dylan Ong and his seven-men team, as they aim to make fine-dining food accessible to everyone.
Pictured is a dish reimagined from shakshouka, but with flavours that would appeal to the locals. The flavour is predominantly mala, where a trio of tofu with different textures - silken tofu, taupok, and taukwa - is tossed in a mix of aromatic Spanish sofrito, dou ban jiang, and merguez. It is then served with sweet potato vermicelli and topped with green chilli and scallion, mala style.
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One of my old favourites, I’m glad to report that it’s only gotten better with time. Don’t let the ordinary name fool you, this is BIG on flavour! The braised purple cabbage is perfectly done, not too soft with a good bite, but where this really shines is that uhhhhmazing sauce! Super buttery and rich, you’ll want to order a side of bread just to mop it all up. A veg dish this might be, but healthy it is not. 🙊


A homage to his Teochew heritage as well as a nod to the terrine and his French cooking background, chef Dylan's attempt to simultaneously preserve and radically modernize an almost extinct traditional Teochew dish has resulted in an extremely unique conceptualisation that still works despite its initial strangeness. Pork trotters are slow boiled for 10 hours and combined with pork belly as well as gelatinous pig skin to form a light tasting yet flavourful cold terrine, served with crunchy housemade chicharron and an inspired calamansi sorbet with a kick of chilli padi that doubles as sauce when it eventually melts.

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Taste: 3.5/5

Soft, pillowy and slightly charred, these gnocchi were pretty good except for a random few undercooked ones. The velvety potato sauce laced with miso butter and root vegetables as well as roasted garlic made this quite a hearty and flavoursome vegetarian option that is sure to please even meat lovers.

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Taste: 3.5/5

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The Masses evolving food philosophy always produces interesting results. One of their more successful plates is this extremely inviting looking otak-inspired fish cake that's made from local golden pomfret instead of mackerel. I loved the loosely packed texture of the fish cake and the restrained sensibility that calls for dialing back on the spiciness of the otak paste so that the shredded crab meat and tobiko are not overpowered (the uni is not normally part of this dish). This doesn't mean flavour was sacrificed, quite the contrary and especially so with the simultaneously refreshing and umami pork lard and calamansi vinaigrette used to dress to fish cake.

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Taste: 3.5/5

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