Opened by Saveur’s ex-owner, The Masses is the creation of Dylan’s ideal of the perfect dining experience for every Singaporean: Great quality food, at an affordable, wallet-friendly price. Serving Modern, French-inspired Contemporary Cuisine, we take in many other elements from Japanese and World Cuisines as well. By blending fresh produce with modern cooking techniques, we let creative flavours take over your palate. Open everyday of the week, you can find us along Beach Road, Bugis, Singapore.
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85 Beach Road
Singapore 189694

12:00pm - 10:00pm

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Chocolate sandwich bread pudding that is a bit too firm, though still had a custard consistency. Nice sourness from the berry sauce, the taste of the pudding itseld was nice 4/5

Frankly, I’m not always having a sweet tooth! Yet this dessert has really got me, I couldn’t stop scoops by scoops!

Brioche chocolate pudding it’s called, get this and you won’t regret!

Was tender and flavorful for a flank. Had a tiny bit of yorshire pudding, celeria puree, roasted celeriac and remolade 4.25/5

$7.9 for having it as a starter on lunch. Cold, rich lobster bisque sauce, good chunks of crab 4/5

“C” is for Crabmeat, Caviar and Clams. And they sure are a mighty force when they unite for this cool “C-food/seafood” (geddit geddit? 😜) pasta creation that’s also smothered in a rich and thick lobster bisque.
Customers are offered a choice to have it in a smaller starter portion or as a main ($9.90++ and $14.90++ respectively). I say go for the latter as you should not play coy when you have a chance to dig into a value-for-money umami bomb of such calibre.

There are bone marrows and there is THIS roasted bone marrow from “The Masses”.
Chef-owner Dylan Ong and his team take things up to another level with a curation of boldly-flavoured toppings on theirs. Turbo-boosting the meat factor are pieces of duck and pork that are first deep-fried then baked for crispiness - making them a great contrast to the gelatinous cream of the bone marrow fat. Lest all this talk of richness is making your cholesterol climb, fret not as some acidic cut-through comes in the form of balsamic vinegar-marinated mushrooms while the thick slice of toasted multigrain sourdough provides some fats-absorbent cushioning.
I would return just to have this again because it’s bloody delicious, and at $14.90++, terrific value. Further proof as to why this casual restaurant totally deserves its the top spot in the “Extraordinary Value” category on the “Burpple Singapore Hot 100” list.

C&C&C Pasta ($14.90)
Version 2.0 of the previous already fantastic C&C pasta @themassessg really whets my appetite. Think chilled angelhair pasta coated with a thick lobster bisque then topped with Crabmeat, Caviar and Clams. The unmistakable umami goodness of seafood permeates throughout the dish. This is my all-time staple during my visits to The Masses.

One of the good eats we had in 2017. Ex founder of the successful restaurant chain - Savory. Serving up good and affordable French based cuisine. .
I must say he did it again. Incredible food with a good balance of flavor. E.g. the crab base Angel hair topped with caviar. Bursted of the taste of the sea just made it unforgettable. .
Look at the thickness of the steak and still able to achieve Med doneness proved the ability of the kitchen. .
I believed their standard should be able to maintain and recommend all to try! .

The masses .
🏠: 85 Beach Rd, Singapore 189694

C&C&C pasta - main $14.90
Hmmmm..caviar, crabmeat & clams in lobster bisque. What’s not to 💗💗💗?? Even the main course size is not enough to share..

The egg $8.90
Creamy chawanmushi topped with tobiko and ikura, served with side of house chips. Yum yum yum!! 😋

While I understand that not everyone goes for pre-main course bread (the "too much carbs are bad for you" rhetoric is very strong), unless it's free, this is something I strongly encourage you to to try. It's the extremely underrated bread with Umami Butter ($3 + $2.90).

You get a choice of toasted French brioche or multigrain sourdough (I went for the latter, but honestly, the brioche would make for an even more indulgent experience). The umami butter, made with nori, kombu and house sauce, is to die for. On it's own, it's a pretty darned good flavoured butter. It's light, savoury, and not greasy, with a whipped yogurt texture. When lathered onto the toast, it's a literal match made in heaven. The flavour somehow becomes enhanced (intensification of umami, perhaps?)....I can't seem to properly put it into words...just try it ok???? Don't overlook it.

Pro tip: just get in and mop it all up. You'll want more.

This C & C Pasta is served cold, topped with crab meat and caviar and drenched with lobster bisque. I am expecting this pasta to be very flavorful of seafood but disappointed it wasn’t. However this is why I wouldn’t find it too gelat (sick of eating) and it actually taste better and better. The flavour is actually very well-balanced in overall. Pasta was cooked al dente. It’s can be served as starter or main course.

It's always a good meal at The Masses for me.

The menu changed quite a bit since I last visited, but I can't complain; this Braised Beef Cheek ($17.90++) is chunky, tender and mad flavourful! Love the pears and mashed potato too.

I really appreciate how much care the team here puts into every aspect of their dish, as not one component is made to stick out like a sore thumb, but rather everything comes together harmoniously in taste and textures! Visually as well, it does look like quite stunning yet not too complicated. So, sure, I'd love to have more of this. 😋

cold pasta with crabmeat, caviar, clams, and drenched in lobster bisque. only $14.90?! i will totally come here again!

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