The Masses is an ALL-DAY Dining Restaurant and Bar. We serve affordable, Contemporary Happy Food, using modern cooking techniques. Located at Beach Road, Bugis, The Masses is a vibrant, happy place where you can come to eat, drink and be merry.
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85 Beach Road
Singapore 189694

12:00pm - 11:30pm

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C&C Pasta ($14) - Ordered a bigger portion as a main. Al dente angel pasta with mash of crab meat and caviar cooked in lobster bisque. This dish was served cold and was quite tasty. The Egg ($9) - This reminded me of Japanese chawanmushi served with ikura and potato
chips. The potato chips got soggy after awhile and this dish was a tad too salty for me. Iberico Pork Loin ($17) - This was my favorite dish. The ratio of fats and lean meat was just right. It had a chewy texture and went well together with the sauce.

And how best to do it than to savour good food.

1) CnC Pasta ($14)
Crab meat and caviar pasta, slathered in generous lobster bisque. Great on both the eye and the tongue too.
2) Braised Short Rib ($18)
Juicy and succulent- braised for 12h and served with pomme purée (fancy mash potatoes and sesame crumbs.

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This chicken breast is easily the healthiest thing I’be ever ordered at a restaurant (sans the chicken floss part). But I must say it is really well done. Unlike most chicken breasts that are tough and thick, this one breaks easily with the touch of the knife and was really tender. I loved the pairing of the stewed vegetables and chicken floss which added a twist to this.

The C&C pasta (crab & caviar) ($14) is a mighty interesting take on cold pasta. Drenched with lobster bisque (but didn’t really taste like it) and topped with crab shreds and caviar (again, couldn’t taste the caviar), not sure why everybody loved it, but I guess I came with too high an expectation, it kind of fell flat. Nevertheless, I must applaud The Masses for the super al dente angel hair.

If I had to choose a way to describe this dish, it would be an exact representation of the components in a flavor. First, the popping caviar that gives a slight salty fishy taste as the top note. The heap of fresh crabmeat that acts as the middle note, releasing its juicy sweetness. And finally the heavy bottom note; al-dente angel hair pasta drenched with thick, creamy crab bisque. Being able to pick up rich flavors from the extraction of crustacean flavors is the reason why I enjoy bisques in general so much. Nope, not a single drop of crab bisque was left on the plate.

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My first thought on seeing this starter on the menu was how unique could this chawanmushi-like dish be. But have you seen potato chips on steamed egg before? No I haven't and I am impressed. Scoop a little of each ingredient and have them at a go to discover what a medley of flavors is really like. The Ikura and Tobiko gave a popping sensation with umami taste, in addition to the crispness of the potato chips and sweet savoriness of the silky steamed egg. Just that the combination of both ikura and tobiko could get a lil salty. A slight nutty taste from Buerre Noisette could also be picked up. Most unique steamed egg I have ever eaten!

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The popular dish that did live up to expectations and was the highlight of our meal. Mains paled in comparison

The thought of chicken breast might sometimes be associated with tough and dry meat. But this dish at The Masses, was surprisingly the opposite. 2 pieces of chicken breast cooked till light pink colour, juicy and tender. The accompanying truffle mousseline was lightly flavored, and instead tasted like mashed potato. Topped with slightly charred but sweet sautéed baby kai lan and chicken floss that added some sweetness to the dish. It's my first time seeing purple baby kai lan!

One of the many Chef's Recommendations at The Masses.

This dish depicts a symphony of flavors really well. You won't feel any monotony because there's a good balance of savory from the perfectly roasted pork belly, with crackling pig skin in each bite, and the truffle scrambled eggs. The pork belly was not fatty, but instead tender. The generous amount of truffle oil complemented the buttery scrambled eggs. So heavenly.

Some sweet element came particularly from the soft plum slices and semi-dried tomatoes. The citrus flavour of the tomatoes was refreshing. And not forgetting the greens, some roasted brussel sprouts. Pretty well roasted to get rid of the raw green taste.

Also another favorite starter of mine at The Masses. I wouldn't exactly say it's affordable for a starter but it's worth the price. Grilled to a perfect extent, the octopus tentacle offered succulence and chewiness. I liked how the gochujang aioli added a tinge of fresh spiciness to the monotony of the octopus tentacle, together with the sour pickled radish. End off the dish with a soft texture by the confit baby potatoes.

My friends and I loved this! Pork belly was tender and very fatty in a good way haha. Truffled eggs and the accompanying veggies were nice too. Oh and service at this place is top-notch. Will definitely return!

Popular restaurant serving good and affordable fusion food. Made a reservation a week ahead and was happily seated upon arrival. The couple in front of us weren’t as lucky, and were turned away as the restaurant was already full, so make reservations y’all!

Ramen was delicious with the chicken collagen broth, finished every drop in the bowl, yums. The barramundi was fresh, with a crispy skin and soft tender flesh. The Egg, one of the more famous dishes at the restaurant, featured a twist to chawamushi, with fish roe and chips topped generously atop the bed of steamed egg - unique and a must-try.

Overall, I can understand why this this place is so popular, would be happy to return, just remember to make the reservations!

🐖🐷🐖 .

It is paired with an aromatic truffle scrambbled egg and topped of with slices of brussel sprouts, semi-dried tomatoes, and plum. 🍅🍅🍅 The mix of different textures and flavors worked pretty well for me. 😍

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Located on Beach Road, The Masses is a cosy, unpretentious eatery perfect for a group dinner or romantic date. The Burrata ($14) and Pan Seared Foie Gras ($19) were simple but done well- the perfect start to our evening. For the mains, we had the Duroc Pork Belly ($15) and Pan Seared Barramundi ($16.90), but the Squid Ink Tagliatelle ($16.90) which was their special for the day was the real star and we’re hoping it becomes a mainstay on the menu!

We used the entertainer app (1-for-1 main excluding specials) and the total cost was around $34 per person including happy hour drinks, a pretty good price for a girls night out! Loved that the staff is really friendly and helpful. Can’t wait to be back to try more of their food!

It is delicious. Grilled Avocado is really nice as a appetizer! Sour and creamy, yummy! The Duroc Pork Belly is juicy and $15 only. The Duck Confit is nice too!

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