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Reviews of good food at The Pasta Boutique

Went during the 1 for 1 pasta promotion and ordered aglio olio ($6.50 without promotion, additional $3 for prawns). Dish was tasty and had five prawns. Pasta texture was a perfect aldente and the inclusion of almond flakes in the dish added extra texture to the dish. I felt that the pasta portion was slightly small though. Wish that this place would offer some tomato-based pastas, as it currently offers mostly cream-based/cheesy pastas!

[The Pasta Boutique]
Reviewed this 6 month old pasta stall situated in a hidden Neighbourhood in Bedok ! Tasted this bowl of Truffle Mushroom Pasta [$11.80] From The Pasta Boutique inside New Century Food House Coffeeshop! .
Plate of Pasta was infused with Truffle Oil and Truffle Cream which creates a strong hint of Truffle Fragrance brought upon being served! (Love the truffle scentπŸ‘)!
Pasta was nicely cooked and presented in cream base sauce with ingredients such as Button Mushrooms added that was topped with fresh parsley and grated parmesan cheese!
Not only they serve Pastas in their Menu, Main Courses like Chicken Chop and Ribeye Steak are avaliable and recommended too!

Located in a kopitiam, the pasta dishes were of restaurant quality. The spicy prawn pasta in particular, was a delight with it's perfect white wine cream sauce and al dente linguine. But what stole the show was the chicken chop with herbs that was crisply grilled to perfection and absolutely herbalicious! Read more at:

Chance upon this place after seeing quite a few review in Burpple. It's really live up to its name serving quality pasta, cook just nice! I had truffle mushroom linguine. Price a bit high compare to other stalls in the kopitiam. If u love italian food like me, worth to make a trip to satisfy your craving.

But it was mehhhhh. Chilli crab pasta ($10.50). Didn't like that the chilli crab was in shreds and not visible to the eye + there were so many chopped garlics (also not v small pieces..) that were in the way. The green veg garnish was also so hard to chew on. So for someone who doesn't like to eat garlic/veg, pls avoid this dish at all cost. I think I spent 85% of my time figuring if the small pieces that my fork was poking was garlic or crabmeat πŸ˜‚ and this was quite a spicy dish compared to normal chilli crab pasta served elsewhere (which are usually on the sweet side). I choked on my first mouthful of pasta and got a shock haha. The end of bedok adventures this morning 😊 #burpple

The fettuccine was thick, flat with an al dente texture that was a tad too tough for my liking; perhaps the linguine would be a better option. Nevertheless, the generous portion of savoury, tender and juicy bacon slices, chewy and earthy button mushrooms were a great complement creamy, flavourful and cheesy sauce that was surprisingly enjoyable without being too overwhelming and gelat. At a pocket friendly pricing

Along with your choice of linguine or fettuccine for the noodles, the pasta was done al dente, with a pleasant firmness to the bite. Tossed with crabmeat chunks, chilli crab sauce and lime leaves, the end result was one that's flavourful with a shiok lingering spiciness that's not suited for the faint hearted! The lime leaves added a subtle tangy note coupled with a characteristic citrusy fragrance. Crabmeat chunks were present significantly in a generous amount, fresh with a soft, delicate mouthfeel .
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Al-dente spaghetti (or linguine/fettuccine) with ridiculously generous chunks of crab meat doused in a deliciously light, fresh & zingy savoury sauce, finished off with lime leaves. This rendition adopts the sweeter & milder version that is friendlier for most sensitive tastebuds.
If anything, I'd say the addition of mini mantou croutons would be great to up the texture game & double the satisfaction. Though for this price & portion, I'm definitely sold.

I took the opportunity to try the much raved about Pasta Boutique when I was in Bedok. It's located at a coffeeshop. The pasta is really above average compared to many other coffee shop pastas but it's still not my preferred choice because I've still tasted better ones out there. I'll rate them as the king of coffee shop pastas among the pastas I've tried at coffee shops (not many lol). But be prepared to pay close to $10 for it. So well you pay for what you get...

Imagine various items like Salted Egg Ravioli, STEAK, salted egg chicken chop and MORE!

You've got all of it at @the_pastaboutique over at Blk 539, Bedok North Street 3!

Some improvement and tweaking to the recipe needed but if you're just looking for a refreshing and affordable change, head on over!

Had the $8.80 chicken chop with mushroom sauce and the prawn aglio olio. The chicken was well done and enjoyed the different style of sides (grilled veg and mash) the mash was a little bland though. But overall it was "cheng" so I enjoyed it. The pasta ($6.50 plus $3 for prawns) was done al dente and and had a nice kick! Prawns were okay, a tad too much garlic but tasty. Enjoyed it but would eat it once a while, but not often as it isn't too cheap for coffee shop fare.

The Pasta Boutique is a relatively new stall at Blk 539 Bedok North Street 3, serving up artisanal pasta (there's a handmade ravioli dish here) and other classic western dishes such as Lamb Chop, Pork Chop and even a Seabass dish.

While being a place that primarily serves pasta, the Chicken Chop with Chili Crab Sauce was actually pretty satisfying. At $9.80, the chicken chop was expertly grilled with a crisp skin and with tender, juicy meat that is well seasoned for flavour; probably one of those chicken chop that is also tastier than those served up by cafes/bistros. The chili crab sauce looked similar to sambal chili, but it does carry a hint of crustacean sweetness amidst the savoury notes; pretty delicious and does go well with the chicken chop for a moderate kick of spiciness. It comes with mash potatoes and ratatouille on the side; the former coming with chunky bits of potato while the latter was flavourful β€” juicy chunks of grilled vegetables with a smoky flavour.

Went for this as they had a promotion (till 9 May!) where one could claim the Aglio E Olio for free after liking and sharing their Facebook post. While the general flavours are pretty decent being garlicky with a spicy kick with a hint of cheesiness from the grated Parmesan, the spaghetti which we opted for (there is a choice of linguine and fettuccine) was a little overdone; a little too soft without a bite and the overall dish felt it could do with a dash of olive oil β€” a little dry and wasn't as slurpy as expected to be.

Young hawkers striking out in a coffee shop in Bedok. More than just your average western fare, they even make their own pasta for their signature ravioli!πŸ™Œ

This was one of their recommendations and I'm looking forward to what they'll do with it in the future. The components were all well done, but felt a little off when put together. Tasty sauce with a good hit of spice from the chilli and curry leaves, prawn filling that reminded me of my favourite η™½εΉ΄YTF and the pasta was just nice. But overall was kinda jelat and the sauce didn't feel like a match with the prawns. Still, it's only a month old and their chicken chop was shiok so I'll definitely be back in due time! πŸ˜‰

Those who know me well would know that I am one usually not taken into salted egg dishes β€” this was an exception though for these guys make their own Ravioli in the coffeeshop stall by themselves; something which is commendable and in fact, rare, for a coffeeshop stall.

These were decently done; the pasta wasn't too thick while it comes stuffed with minced prawn within β€” the results strangely did remind me of wontons dine slightly different somehow (probably done so to bring a sense of familiarity for the coffeeshop folks?). That being said, I wasn't a fan of the salted egg sauce; a little too creamy and feels a little jelak rather fast, though the curry leaves and chili paid added was a nice touch that provided a moderately spicy kick to it.

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