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From the Burpple community

The plain and unpretentious coffee spot, serving up delicious caffeine shots to caffeine-starved souls like us.

Special shout-out to their Generra ($5.50), mocha with orange zest (they're got an orange peel to prove it!), which was fragrant, smooth, creamy and slightly chocolatey. Perfect for orange chocolate fans.

The Plain is located along Craig Road, just down the road from Selfish Gene cafe. Nearer train station being Outram Park MRT.


If you like Vegemite with its absurd-yet-intriguing saltiness you'll like this, I think.. Nice combi with the poached eggs and Iced Generra.

Mocha with a twist of orange. So refreshing as the sun was scorching hot. Not pictured is Dean's Breakfast: poached eggs on melted cheese & Vegemite sourdough toasts. So Aussie. Whether you'll like the dish is another issue, if you like how Vegemite tastes you might like the toast..

The café has a vast collection of Monocle magazine too! It was not so crowded when I came on Saturday afternoon. A conducive place to eat followed by leisurely reading some magazines (or chatting with friends).

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☀️🏊🏻💦 While some lazybumbum just tanned under the sun 😂🌚 Food really tastes especially good after a workout 😋🐣 #burpple

Probably one of the smoothest flat whites I had in awhile. It was just so good that even though my coffee became cold, it was still so delicious.

Unpretentious cafe that's perfect for quiet gatherings - the toast with Vegemite & Melted Cheese & Poached Eggs were ✨✨✨