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  • Simple Western fare and pastas
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Zucchini for noodles gives it a nice clean taste, with a slight crunch. Soaks up the sauce really well, with the beef like impossible meat 🌱 This was definitely our favourite dish of the night.


Tried the cashew based pasta. Was quite good.
But this outlet apparently does not accept the burpple beyond deal. Even after I showed the waitress that this is the correct outlet (vs serangoon one), she still said they are not on burpple. Weird...

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Don’t be fooled - this Ultimate Breakfast is vegan. Rebellious indeed, because that pork sausage patty right there is all soy and no (real) meat. It’s Impossible! Accompanying it is a muffin topped with sautéed mushrooms, along with avocado, beetroot hummus, cherry tomatoes and shredded zucchini on the side.

I liked the variety of colours in this dish, it was very pleasing on the eyes. The beetroot hummus is definitely an eye catcher with its creamy, bright pink appearance. For those that are a little hesitant about the beetroot - don’t worry because the beetroot taste isn’t that strong in the hummus.

Being an omnivore that often orders full breakfasts, I felt that this dish lacked “vegan eggs”. It was an essential puzzle piece in completing the “ultimate breakfast” experience - because this didn’t seem very ultimate to me, just more like a sausage muffin with some veg on the side. It would be nice having scrambled eggs on the side as well seeing that there are already many vegan egg options on the market. It would also help in justifying the price tag of $19.. Perhaps a vegan would think differently?

When I first laid eyes on Rebel’s vegan menu, I was definitely very confused. There were so many familiar names such as Unagi Donburi, to Grilled Chicken Quesadillas. It took me awhile to realize that vegan food has indeed come a long way with several meat replacements and even vegan alternatives for mayo, cheese and eggs. It’s great that restaurants like Rebel provide a place for people of different dietary choices to come together and enjoy their usual western food fare.

Overall I think the vegan menu in Rebel is worth a try once for the experience - at least for omnivores/non-vegans like myself, which I can speak for more confidently. :P It was fun looking at the dishes and being like, woah, this looks and tastes pretty legit! Otherwise I probably wouldn’t return unless I was with someone vegan. If you do happen to be in the CBD area looking for food, and have a vegan or vegetarian friend with you, do add this to your repertoire of dining options!

Thank you Burpple for the tasting invite! :) For Beyond subscribers, you can enjoy a 25% off discount here.


Invited to Burpple Eatup Session at The Rebel Bar. The Rebel Bar has revamped their menu to vegan dishes and burpplers get to try out a total of 10 dishes.
It's my first time eating impossible burger and to my surprise I couldn't tell the difference as the texture and taste is exactly like a real burger. The same goes to chicken burger and muffin. However "meat" in the donburi are not well executed, unagi is kind of mushy and beef yakiniki is slightly dry. The tacos chips is a great starter for sharing, the chips are very thin unlike the normal chips and it's highly addictive. The last dish served Zoodle Bolognese is also the star dish. It's carbless pasta which is healthier. However gotta tuck in fast as the pasta dish gets watery if not consumed immediately.
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Full Vegan Menu at The Rebel Bar! I attended the EATUP event organised by Burpple and was elated to know that The Rebel Bar has now converted their main menu to a fully Vegan one! So excited to meet the burpplers! I am the only vegetarian but I am so happy to see the rest of them enjoying vegan food!

🌱Zoodle Bolognese
🌱Grilled Chicken Quesadillas
🌱Unagi Donburi
🌱Impossible Sliders
🌱Mushroom Pizza
🌱Yakinuku Beef Aglio & Olio
🌱Rebel Ultimate Breakfast
🌱Beef Short Ribs Burger
🌱Yakinuku Beef Donburi
🌱TINDLE Chicken Burger
🌱Impossible Sausage Muffin
🌱Taco Chips with Hummus

I have tried The Rebel Bar a couple of times and have always love their creative creations with some of my favourite plant-based meat offerings. They are always generous with their servings. I love the use of creamy vegan cheese and mayo on burgers, crepes and pizzas. My personal top favourite would be their Grilled Chicken Quesadillas. Must Try! I also like the Impossible Sliders, Pizzas and Yakiniku Beef Donburi/Aglio Olio.

Worth a visit!

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[INVITED TASTING] The Rebel Bar recently released their all vegan menu, and we were impressed with their extensive vegan dishes! We ate a variety of them, from burgers to quesadillas to pastas, but what stood out to me the most is their pastas.

The Zoodle Bolognese ($18) is an interesting touch. The original pasta noodles are replaced with shredded zucchini, making this a less heavy dish. The sauce, although no meat within, is flavourful well with tomato and onions that makes this taste pretty homely.

The Unagi Aglio Olio ($19) was pretty good as well, as the pasta noodles were cooked al-dente and was pretty heavy on the garlic which I loved! The unagi is actually plant based, but the texture is somewhat similar to unagi, though abit too mushy. The taste definitely still have loads of umami, that's for sure!

This is a pretty good option if you would like to drink here too! Thank you @burpple for the invitation 😊😊

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