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Option to choose 6. Topped up 1.50 for chicken. Total 7.40. Generous jap saseme dressing. Yummy!

One of the most substantial salad in CBD! Regular portion consist of 1 Protein + 5 Side Toppings for just SGD8.90. If you like your dressing in a desperate container, just have to top up 10cent and you’re good to go at $9 for this meal.

My choices were: Juicy Chicken Breast + Cauliflower, Rice, Broccoli, Egg Whites, Black Olives and Sautéed Mushroom. I honestly feel that the portion were really too much, I couldn’t even finished my half of my mushroom even though I was really so damn hungry. 🙊

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Got myself a salad from The Salad Corner for my lunch and even with no meat, it still taste good!

Got myself some baby kale, baby spinach, tofu, mushrooms, seaweed, Cherry Tomatoes and topped with Balsamic vinegar. Surprisingly filling! 😁

It's $5.90 with either 5 toppings + base or 6 toppings with no base! I ❤ both their warm salad and their "Create your own salad"!

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Been eating this for the paat 2 days and I have to say, this is one of the best salad I tasted! Not only is it affordable while the portion being very big, I love the 3 chicken i tried: Thai Grilled Chicken (1st pic), BBQ Chicken (2nd pic) and Boiled Chicken (not featured here)! For $8.90, you get to choose 1 protein, 5 toppings and 1 sauce. I chose brown rice/soba usually with sides like nori stem, mushrooms, egg white! It has a wide selection of toppings. Love it!

4 Aug'17, Fri
Warm salad (regular 1 protein & 5 toppings) from The Salad Corner...😋
- BBQ Chicken🍖
- Romaine Lettuce🥗
- Babycorn🌽
- Roasted Cherry Tomato🍅
- Carrot🥕
- Sautéed Mushrooms🍄
- Yuzu & Soy Dressing🍋

Filling portion, lasted me till 6pm...😂

The chicken is tender and tasty, I also like the roasted cherry tomato, babycorn (like roasted before too) and the dressing (quite refreshing, at least not as heavy as those typical dressings)...😋

But I might not order the mushrooms again, somehow the combi of the different types of mushrooms (Chinese style mushroom, those canned mushrooms etc) make me feel a little not that healthy and disappointed in terms of taste...🙊

Total Damage: $8.90

Note: Take away only (no dine-in option)🙄

They do offer cold salad (fill in the white order form) and warm salad (fill in the green order form)...

Expect long queue during lunch hour, I waited for about 15-20min (actually not that bad I guess?) for queuing, ordering and waiting for the staff to prepare the salad...not quite advisable for ppl who's rushing for time...🤔

Overall, for the price, for the portion (except for the wait), I find it quite worthwhile...will be back to try out their other proteins and toppings, and oh, their cold salad too!😊

Eating clean doesn't always have to cost a bomb. This no frills, unassuming salad bar in the heart of the CBD dishes out salad bowls under $6 (prices range from $4.90-$5.90 depending on the outlet) — perfect for penny-pinching days! Apart from the standard serving of mixed mesclun leaves, choose five toppings and one salad dressing to complete your bowl. Our favourites include soba, firm tofu, sautéed mixed mushrooms, walnuts and croutons (not the healthiest, but they taste so good!). The hardest part of building your own salad here is probably choosing the dressing — there are 16 to select from! There are the usual suspects like caesar and balsamic vinaigrette, alongside more unique flavours like Thai lemongrass with chilli and wasabi mayo. Treat yourself to a premium topping (additional $1 to $2) like Tuna or Rosemary Chicken Breast if you fancy a protein in your bowl. Pro tip: There's also an outlet at Westgate which opens daily, so westies can adopt a healthy diet all week long!
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burppler Ashley Ong