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From the Burpple community

The mushroom beef burger was really nice. And the smoke flavour on the grilled chicken burger was very strong. Love the crispy tempura fries.

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No more wings- changed to Drumlets. The charcoal taste is amazing but meat was slightly undercooked!

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Amazing burger
One of the top burgers in our list
And the fries rock


This order’s a mouthful of words when you tell it to the counter. But a mouthful is what you’ll get! The smoky chicken stands out, and though I was apprehensive about the whole “tempura” fries ordeal, this loaded fries dish came together perfectly- better than nachos! Best for sharing amongst 2-3 pax. I suppose you could make this a meal of your own. You do you.

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This has a charcoal frilled beef patty, charcoal grilled onions, blue cheese and mushrooms in between brioche buns. This sounded very good but there was an odd flavour in the burger that we couldn't place and the patty was slightly mushy in texture too. The tempura fries served with the burger were very crispy and it was what we liked most from this meal too.

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Smoked Australian lamb chunks lying on a charcoal grilled beef patty and sandwiched between fluffy brioche buns. Let’s not forget TSO’s homemade Chimichurri sauce.

This was an absolute pleasure to eat. Their service is great, too! I was on crutches, still made it all the way up the stairs - totally worth it!

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