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The Stamford Brasserie

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The Stamford Brasserie is an all-in-one dining destination that brings to life the charm and exuberance of a classic French brasserie. The stylish tri-concept outlet, first in the hotel to run completely plastic-free, is conveniently located on the ground floor of Equinox Complex and comprises a Grab-and-Go, All-day Dining Restaurant and Beer Bar. The venue’s tasteful décor is a feast for the eyes, featuring a mix of traditional vintage appeal interspersed with industrial-chic contemporary touches. Also incorporated is an open kitchen and bar, where diners can witness lively bistro cooking in action.


From the Burpple community

I had visited TSB once before and quite enjoyed my meal then, so this was disappointing in comparison. We shared the TSB burger ($26++) which was highly rated but we found the “wagyu” patty dry, crumbly and cold. We actually enjoyed the brioche pepper bun more. Our other item was the roasted baby chicken ($22++), which fared better. While not flavourful, the chicken was at least moist and tender. We enjoyed the grilled brussel sprouts and garlic mashed potato - these gave flavour that the chicken was otherwise lacking. Service left much to be desired as it was difficult to get hold of the servers for simple things like water and the bill. Hoping that TSB will perform better on the next visit!

I am a Yellowcarnivore because I generally love my meat and lack an affinity with most vegetables (opps). Having said that, I have been curious to try The Impossible Burger for the longest time ever because of the amazing reviews online. I finally tried The Impossible Burger ($23) at The Stamford Brasserie and I can only say that the reviews are true: how can a plant-based patty tastes so much like a legit medium-seared beef patty😱! The patty is juicy and flavourful - a little on the salty side but not that I mind given my salty tooth. I guess the unsalted chips at the side balanced it out:P The delicious patty goes well with melted cheese, pickles, tomato and Brioche Pepper bun - didn’t expect it to be this good:)!

Pulled pork sandwiches and burgers are my kind of thing and the Stamford Brasserie does this dish so well!! Will definitely be my goto places if I’m craving pulled pork sandwiches! The sandwich is stuffed with pulled pork and is so juicy and nicely seasoned with BBQ sauce. Yum! This dish is now served
with potato chips - no longer potato wedges!

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The restaurant has changed their cooking style of various dishes a bit since the last time I came here to eat. And the new style that they cook this barramundi dish in works just as well as the old style!

The bread crumbs lining the top of the fish gave a crunch texture which was a nice contrast to the soft texture of the fish. The barramundi was cooked just perfectly - meat was tender and not tough/dry! The tomatoes and salad veggie were nicely seasoned as well. Loved this dish!

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Roasted chicken was just rightly cooked - chicken meat was not dry. Garlic mash potatoes was a hit! - just the right amount of buttery flavour in it! Brussel sprouts provided a good veggie fix to this dish!

Confit chicken leg (bottom)
Cost: $22
Comes with: Garlic mash potatoes, Brussels sprouts, mustard chicken jus
Personal take: Everything about this dish was great - appropriate portion size (didn’t expect a dish with just a chicken leg to be as sufficiently filling as this); taste wise - flavorful! only gripe is that the confit chicken was on the saltier side but the mash potato and Brussels sprouts were sides that helped to balance out the taste and complemented the confit chicken well. And boy did I mention I am a sucker for mash potatoes! This mash potato passes my expectations too.

Pan-roasted Barramundi Fish (top)
Cost: $22
Comes with: Rucola leaves, vine tomatoes, salsa verde
Personal take: The fish was fresh and cooked to the right doneness. It is definitely a good dish and a safe choice if you are not up for anything adventurous.

Service: Good
Ambience: A cosy place, slightly dim lighting which adds to the cosy and classy vibe. Went on a Sunday evening and it wasn’t too crowded. Good place for a date! 🙂

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