More Reviews at The Sushi Bar (Far East Plaza)

More Reviews of good food at The Sushi Bar (Far East Plaza)

Where do I even start...this Chirashi Don lovingly prepared by the chefs at The Sushi Bar deserve all the love in the world. Going at a $24.90++, it may seem a little pricier than usual but I assure you it is well worth every single cent. You get 3 crazily thick slices of hamachi, mekaijiki, maguro, salmon, 2 slices of beautifully torched aburi salmon, 2 slices of exquisite tamago, 2 blobs of fresh scallops...only to end it off with a huge dollop of ikura. For the price paid, it’s actually really worth it for such quality and quantity, I was satiated after this amazebowl. It’s really the best Chirashi I’ve had in Singapore & everyone needs to try this 😫💯💦🍣. P.s. don’t bother going for the basic chirashi don, it’s prices at $19.90++ but it’s essentially a bara chirashi don which paled in comparison (the table next to me ordered it haha).

Ok this was actually an unagi and cucumber maki, but tasted more like cucumber maki. @thesushibar_sg tsktsk.

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April’s running promotion for The Sushi Bar’s Far East Plaza outlet; each slice of salmon sashimi will only cost you a dollar! (Typically it’s 3 slices at $5.90 on their menu)
Each slice retains still its thickness and freshness as how they usually are when I order them.

This promotion runs Monday to Thursday, till 22nd April 2018, ALL DAY for dine only! Order as much you want, as many times as you wish, set your sashimi-loving-souls free and indulge! Whilst stocks last daily.

PS: Salmon Sushi are also going at $1 each

Normal Chirashi Don
Includes salmon, tuna, hamachi, scallop, mekajiki, ikura, tamago & salmon belly.

Fresh & affordable.

Price: $24.90

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Definitely a plate of happiness.
Torched Aburi salmon, stuffed with soft shell crab & avocado.

A must-order!

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But you see endless queue on almost every weekend. That sets to the honest good food served by The Sushi Bar. Generous portions of thickly sliced fish (salmon, salmon aburi, tuna, ikura, yellow tail, scallop, swordfish, tamago) on sushi rice. The thickness of each piece of sashimi is much like in a sashimi platter. Probably one of the best value chirashi dons that you can find in town! .
Chirashi-don at S$24.90
Where to dine?
The Sushi Bar
14 Scotts Rd. #04-28 Far East Plaza

Believe it or not, I have just discovered @thesushibar_sg last night. This $17.90 goodness is what regular joints should strive for; a well-made and well-proportioned dish that compromise little on quality. It makes paying for it all the more pleasant.

I've been here a few times and that says a lot about the place because I make it a point not to visit the same restaurant twice (so I can try new food).

The torched aburi salmon soft shell crab roll, stuffed with avocados is a staple of mine. Same goes for the barachirashi don.

#BurppleSushiMonth . This place serves as an affordable quick fix for sushi / sashimi cravings; no fanciful deco, just honest good food! We ordered the must tries: Aburi Chirashi Don (~$25) - those generously thick slices of fish bring mouthful of ocean goodness; Aburi Salmon Sushi ($15.90) - simply satisfies your love for salmon, and Pitan Tofu ($5.90) - strangely sweet century egg atop silky tofu. #burpple

Value for money portions. Loved the assorted fish selection. But have to say the tuna is really quite 'normal'. (7.9/10)


Always a good side dish to your chirashi main! (7.2/10)

Easily spent $75 for 2 pax here and we weren't even full


That is what you get at The Sushi Bar when you order their Classic Chirashi Bowl (💵S$24.90) The Sashimi is cut Thicker from my last visit, which is always a good thing. More is always good right?? The only thing lesser will be The Sushi Rice but you'll be satisfied with the portion anyways. 😋

ACAMASTIPS💮: If you preferred your Sashimi to be slightly cooked or the smell of a slightly burnt fish, opt for the Aburi Kaisen Chirashi Don (💵S$26.90) same variety & a little more arousing. 🖖🏻


Daikon salad tad too sweet and heavy on the sesame dressing. 1-for-1 Thick cut sashimi (6 slices each) worth it for $5.90!

Definitely passes the aesthetic test with the neatly aligned sirloin grilled to a medium rare.

Pictured: normal chirashi bowl. Always serving up fresh and generous slices of sashimi. I've tried other items from their menu such as the mentaiko pasta, and their makis, this place can never go wrong. Queuing/getting a table at peak hours is probably the only downside to this place cause I don't think they take reservations.

Love this so much more than hamachi (yellowtail). It is more fatty and juicy as a result. I feel like the meat is more compact and softer! Super generous portion for merely $16.90


The aburi is always a must-have, and I like that there are 8 small pieces instead of 4 pieces of the normal size - great for sharing! Wafu spaghetti, thin spaghetti with a strong mentaiko sauce. The soup is rather savoury, with a generous amount of salmon - albeit patience is needed to separate the bones from the fish. Since the selections this time were all quite heavy, will advise a mix of lighter items as well (salmon don perhaps?). Always appreciate the casual quality food served here.

While I always go sushi bar for my sashimi, chirashi fix but this one dish, salmon fin karaage is just too good! Very crispy and yet not dry, after one bite u still get to taste the fats of the salmon. Wonder how they did it!!

This bowl of bara chirashi is extremely fresh and only cost $19.90! So far I feel this is the best and value for money bara chirashi.