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More Reviews at The Sushi Bar (Far East Plaza)

More Reviews of good food at The Sushi Bar (Far East Plaza)

This hamachi belly sashimi was SO good, it was mind blowing. The slices were really thick and tasted so fatty and buttery. The knife cuts on top also enhance the texture of the sashimi. Thought salmon belly was my favourite but I guess this is my new thing!

Really glad that I got this with their salmon avocado roll as a light lunch, using #burpplebeyond. So worth it! (P.s. their salmon avo roll is really quite substantial and the combination was good because the avo was creamy.)

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Managed to get it in Beyond’s 1-for-1 deal.

Went with my mum on a Saturday afternoon at the Far East outlet. Shop was about 70% with mainly youngsters, young family's and the occasional angmohs and solo diners.

The Sirloin steak was da bombz. Soft succelent yet so tasty. The cold udon was spectacular too. I expected the fat udon kind of noodles w a sesame dip, but it turned out to be a thin-flat based noodle which felt like silkily smooth jade noodles! It complemented so well w the soba kind of dip.

We had an aburi salmon roll, chawanmushi and 6 thick hamachi slices (1 for 1 deal) ! Will be back definitely for the otoro slices (3 for $39) when I earn more. Hahaha.

Overall a decent experience ! Thanks Burpple for the 1 for 1 offer !

A Chef’s recommended dish, most commonly known as mentaiko pasta.
The pool of sauce was rich and creamy, without being overly jelak. After giving the pasta a good mix, I love how the tobiko (Flying Fish Roe) provided that extra crunch for every mouthful.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

A popular Japanese restaurant that provides diners with outstanding food, but in a casual non-pretentious environment. Their extensive menu is able to cater for all customers with different budgets.
Glad that I was transported to salmon paradise🤣.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Expect the freshest, thick-cut sashimi in this unassuming no-frills Jap joint. Both the Salmon ($4.90) and Hamachi ($5.90) are worth ordering with 1-for-1, but be sure to bulk up your order with their generously portioned Chirashi Don ($24.90)!
Photo by Burppler Drew Lee

Located at 391 Orchard Rd, #05-34/35 Ngee Ann City, Singapore 238873. Unagi Avocado Roll, $18.90. All the goodness in a roll!!! Fully-stuffed roll with over-filling ingredients of unagi, avocado, cucumber, wrapped with seaweed on the outside!! Savoury indeed!! @thesushibar_sg #hungryunicornsg #thesushibar #thesushibar_sg #unagiavocadoroll #thesushibardining

Love how they are always consistent with freshness and without fail, you will always receive thick cuts of sashimi here. Snagged a 1-for-1 Salmon Sashimi Deal here only with Burpple Beyond


Major awesomeness! Hardly touched the rice cos they were so generous with the portions of sashimi

Look at them thick fresh slices! Definitely a fan of this! 😍

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100g is a really small portion, so get the 200g if you're sharing (or if you're a beef lover yourself). Despite its thinness, the steak is cooked to a perfect medium as per requested, with a succulent interior that's not rubbery. Make sure you consume each piece with the accompanying garlic chips, condiments and sauce - they'll make your steak taste 10x better.

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These are, by far, the thickest and fattest sashimi I've ever had in my life! What's more, I got double the portion for the price of one thanks to Burpple Beyond 😍 Cheers to 1-for-1 Salmon Sashimi, Hamachi Belly Sashimi and Spicy Salmon Roll 😋 Really, really good and value-for-money 👍

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Love how their sashimi slices are thick and fat, unlike some places where you wonder if you actually ordered carpaccio instead. #Burpple #burpplebeyond


Definitely passes the aesthetic test with the neatly aligned sirloin grilled to a medium rare.

Fresh, succulent & sweet oysters! I'd choose the tangy ponzu sauce over the mentaiko any day, just because I love the sour flavors of the ponzu. Yums! 👅💦❤️

Thick. Thick. Thick.
Thick. Thick. Thick.

How awesome is it that Burpple Beyond can double the pleasure of those bodacious cuts of fresh salmon sashimi. With just one swipe on the Burpple app too.
I honestly believe getting on this premium membership programme is so worth the monthly subscription fee of $9.90.

Where do I even start...this Chirashi Don lovingly prepared by the chefs at The Sushi Bar deserve all the love in the world. Going at a $24.90++, it may seem a little pricier than usual but I assure you it is well worth every single cent. You get 3 crazily thick slices of hamachi, mekaijiki, maguro, salmon, 2 slices of beautifully torched aburi salmon, 2 slices of exquisite tamago, 2 blobs of fresh scallops...only to end it off with a huge dollop of ikura. For the price paid, it’s actually really worth it for such quality and quantity, I was satiated after this amazebowl. It’s really the best Chirashi I’ve had in Singapore & everyone needs to try this 😫💯💦🍣. P.s. don’t bother going for the basic chirashi don, it’s prices at $19.90++ but it’s essentially a bara chirashi don which paled in comparison (the table next to me ordered it haha).

Ok this was actually an unagi and cucumber maki, but tasted more like cucumber maki. @thesushibar_sg tsktsk.

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April’s running promotion for The Sushi Bar’s Far East Plaza outlet; each slice of salmon sashimi will only cost you a dollar! (Typically it’s 3 slices at $5.90 on their menu)
Each slice retains still its thickness and freshness as how they usually are when I order them.

This promotion runs Monday to Thursday, till 22nd April 2018, ALL DAY for dine only! Order as much you want, as many times as you wish, set your sashimi-loving-souls free and indulge! Whilst stocks last daily.

PS: Salmon Sushi are also going at $1 each

Normal Chirashi Don
Includes salmon, tuna, hamachi, scallop, mekajiki, ikura, tamago & salmon belly.

Fresh & affordable.

Price: $24.90