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More Reviews of good food at The Tiramisu Hero

Speculoos flavoured tiramisu was more of sponge cake with speculoos spread and mascarpone lathered around it. Speculoos flavour was decent, but could be stronger, especially also because the coffee essence which makes tiramisu tiramisu was missing. Then again, if I just take it simply as a speculoos cream cake, this fared pretty well!


Original flavoured tiramisu but plus because they have 3 different types of alcohol according to the staff. Similar to the speculoos flavour, it was more sponge cake and cream. While admittedly there is a tinge of alcohol flavour in the cream, the tiramisu flavour wasn’t strong, which made this pretty underwhelming. It would have definitely been better if the taste of tiramisu came through more.


Salmon ochazuke was flavourful, but portion size was pretty small. Ochazuke was lightly seasoned, but with an apparent umami taste. It went great with the salmon fillet and the other vegetables such as corn in the bowl. Worth it with the Burpple beyond deal!


Mac and cheese was pretty good. Served on a piping hot pan, it was fresh and creamy, and cheesy enough to satiate me. Liked how they included biscuit crumbs to add a crunch to every bite. A pretty decent sized piece of salmon as well. I must say that it is pretty worth it with the Burpple Beyond deal, but without it, I might think twice about getting it for the price.


pretty refreshing
I feel that can do wo the truffle....

btw, menu in Beyond is not updated.

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A specialty cafe serving handmade tiramisu and savoury brunch, hit up this spot in Jalan Besar for crowd favourite Mentaiko Pasta ($18.90) and Sir Antonio Mega Breakfast ($19.90) which sees a platter of bacon, scrambled eggs, sourdough bun, potato puffs, portobello mushroom and sausages! Don't forget to order up their Original MommaHero ($7.50) and Baileys MommaHero ($9.50) for a boozy afternoon treat.
📸: Photo by Burppler G Lee

Coffee was fragrant, and brown rice flavour was there. Decent cup of coffee though it was too sweet.

The salmon pasta dish was pretty unique as it was cold and a light yet savoury and interesting dish. There were few pieces of smoked salmon which went really well with the pasta due to the balance in saltiness. Pasta’s texture was also good. The parmesan risotto was also good, but more ordinary. Good that the risotto texture was not hard or too soft and soggy, texture was just right. Taste was creamy and there was some pesto / herb sauce drizzled over which gave it more flavour as well. Worth a try with burpple beyond!

Super worth it with burpple beyond! Waffles were not too crispy, and was really soft. The fried chicken was freshly fried and was drizzled in honey which added flavour to the dish. The texture of chicken was soft while the skin was crispy and crunchy. Overall was the best dish I tried here.

Thank you The Tiramisu Hero for acceding to my request of putting a candle into our tiramisu to surprise mum!

Ordering for dine-in is done through the app - which is a bit of a hassle cos you need to sign up/log-in/enter credit card details to pay (there is a cash payment option though).. But it made it easy to sneak in the candle request by typing it in swiftly 😛

They are a Burpple Beyond merchant too - however, the 1-for-1 deals are for main courses & not their tiramisus.. In this picture:

Foreground: Original Tiramisu ($7.50+)
Background: Brown Rice Tiramisu ($7.50+)

💳 Accepts credit cards
💵 Accepts cash
📱 Order using their app
🙋🏻‍♀️ Service charge applicable
🚫 No GST

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Angel hair pasta in creamy protein packed hummus sauce with sauteed baby spinach.

A rather unique pasta, topped with crunchy 'ikan bilis' bits. Love that it is slightly spicy which made it more appetizing. Hope that the meat-free menu can be expanded :)

This big breakfast came as a surprise. We did not expect such a big plate and definitely value for money. We ordered the fried chicken waffle as well since there is Burpple one for one. Waffle was great however the chicken could have been better if it was marinated. Without the sauce and batter, the chicken was bland.

The two mains was quite nice especially the garlic shrimp pasta. It's even more worth it with the 1-1 burpple Beyond deal. The atmosphere was quite good and relax also as we choose to sit outside and enjoy the breeze on this cold new year weather.

It was pretty upsetting as the menu on burpple and the menu they offered in store was completely different. They should have changed the uploaded menu in the app. The selection of main dish was very limited too and the vegetarian pasta was honestly… bad. I couldn’t even take more than 3 bites.. however the staff was friendly and the ambiance was decent too. Was rather disappointed with the food the most 😔

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we ordered their big breakfast, salmon mac & cheese, 2 portions of garlic butter pasta and a tiramisu.

as shown, the portion for the big breakfast is huuugggee! we couldn’t finish it, unfortunately. the tater tots & scrambled egg were the highlights of this dish — tater tots were perfectly crispy and the scrambled egg had a nice balance of butter, salt and general egg taste :•]

salmon mac & cheese was good too, the cheese pull was very satisfying, there was a nice mix of mac, salmon & broccoli and they were fairly generous with their salmon portion too! i liked that the dish was creamy enough, but not overwhelmingly salty/jelat.

garlic butter pasta had a really nice flavour at first but the dish soon became a little too salty. the flavour was there & smelt really good so i think all’s superb as long as the salt is toned down a bit.

finally, we got their tiramisu (original plus). they had to defrost the tiramisu for this flavour so it was a bit icy when we ate it. though i would’ve preferred a completely defrosted one, we gobbled it down and before we knew it, we were debating over the last bit in the bottle … XD i liked the coffee flavour and felt the finger to cream ratio was quite balanced. the fingers were full of moisture and not dry, really liked the tiramisu.

the environment was not bad and their name card is especially adorable. especially with the 2 pax limitation, the space was roomy and very comfortable. the cats paintings on the walls were very adorable too hehe

we spent a total of $50+. if not for the burpple discount, the costs would be too much. would return if not for the costs/low wallet budget of mine 🥲👍🏻

overall: 7.2/10


had a very pleasant experience dining at this warm and cozy cafe! the decor was extremely adorable with their tiramisu hero mascot plastered on the walls 😊
we ordered the Big Breakfast and Garlic Butter Shrimp Pasta (total ~$21 with burpple), with both satisfying our cravings! the potato puffs, fluffy scrambled eggs and delicious buttered buns were the main highlights of the Big Breakfast (9/10) - definitely worth going back for. however, the pasta fell a little short in terms of balance of the sauce as we hoped that the garlic butter flavour could be more pronounced (7/10).
overall a great experience with burpple 1-for-1!

Tried their Salmon mac & cheese and vegeterian meat ball pasta! The mac & cheese was okay, the layer of cheese was quite thick, but not a big fan.. Instead their pasta was good!! Also ordered their truffle fries that were awesome too, though we could do less with the salt! But love their truffle mayo!! 🍟🍝

Interesting to have found mee hoon kueh on the cafe’s menu, but pity it didn’t really work out for us. You get to pick a spice level between 0-3 and we bought 2 bowls with Burpple Beyond, and tried both levels 1 and 2. Disappointed that our mee hoon kueh pieces were doughy in the centre and the sauce wasn’t very flavourful, leaning a tad bland from what we’re used to. While we enjoyed the huge portion of crispy fried egg, found it pricey for its toppings of mushrooms and fried anchovies.

There’s also a vegetarian version of this mee hoon kueh that’s served with broccoli, mushrooms and minced vegan meat at the same price. Burpple Beyond 1 for 1 is available here too for their all day breakfast, mains and meat-free menus!

Definitely expected more of this Hojicha Tiramisu - the hojicha wasn’t distinct and tasted a lot more milky, while the fingers were a tad too dry. Think the jar was stored frozen, so we had to sit this aside for a while before digging in. Was a miss for us for this flavour, but they have a pretty big range of other ones like lemon lavender, lychee rose, speculoos, etc.

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Very cream and the mentaiko taste was just right. Angel hair pasta was a very good choice as every strand of noodle was coated evenly. Has a lot of good reviews and it not rich. But for me it was abit too rich after the first 3 bites, will come back to try their other dishes. Weekday late afternoon are the best time to go as there isn’t a crowd and it was very quiet

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