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The Tiramisu Hero

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Tiramisu specialty cafe serving more than just desserts and drinks but also a wide array of savoury fare and handmade tiramisu of up to ten different flavours.


From the Burpple community

I never have been a fan of tiramisu because I don't really like coffee in my desserts. I was quite amazed by the variety of tiramisu flavours at the tiramisu hero and one non-coffee selection in particular caught my eye- the kaya tiramisu. Served in a pretty jar and packed with the pandan coconut concoction and savioardi, it was delicious! We ordered their matcha coconut ice cream that was dense and sweet, not bad. Tiramisu anti fans should really try their desserts out.

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Tiramisu and tiramisu beer.
Was Very skeptical about ordering tiramisu beer initially... However you never know how is the taste like unless u tried it.
Saw the waitress pour some syrup into the glass and fill it up with the beer, and use a metal spoon to mix.
Tiramisu beer with hazelnut notes most prob due to the syrup. Goes well with the tiramisu and it brings out the aromatic hazelnut of the beer!
PS: don't order the lychee beer. Is soooooooo sweet!!!

Amazing original flavoured tiramisu in Momahero size [$7.50]. Truth to be told, it was a good dessert that wasn’t too sweet and stays very pleasant throughout. It was never too gelat eating the whole Mommahero cake. Their flavour selection does not stop there. They have an extensive selection of flavours - chocolate, strawberry, lemon lavender and even more. I ate it with cold brew coffee which was a really nice additional touch, complementing it with the cake. They do serve other food here and is not just a simple cake and coffee cafe. But, tiramisu is the thing they are most famous for. Last thing I want to talk about is the fact that their mascot is just too cute!! They have it all over the place and on their cutlery. Cat lovers will love it. All in all, it was a good experience in a nice cosy cafe. -Foodier ✌🏻

Didn't know that The Tiramisu Hero has ventured to overseas. Throughout our tea session, we see frequent turnaround of obvious Japanese fans coming on for a cuppa Tiramisu and coffee. The tiramisu is quite fluffy and comes in various flavour. We chose the original one (if the original can't make it, forget about the rest). Needed a warm bowl of something and found it in Fungs Macaroni Soup. At $8.50, this bowl of goodness comes complete with prawns, fish, cauliflower, and mushrooms swimming in the macaroni soup.
Now comes the BUT. The server seemed to be a daze when serving us, and my bowl of macaroni was the first order I placed, but he basically didn't note it down. After more than half and hour, I have to check again only to realise the order was not placed. Good thing the food made up for the service flaw. I would come again, but will asked for another server.

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Balanced combination of cream and ladyfingers! I like the original most followed by the matcha (though it it slightly too sweet for my preference). The speculoos flavor can be enhanced. Will try more flavors next time!

Easy to takeaway for surprise birthday celebrations and you can keep the jars too!

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A classic original tiramisu by The Tiramisu Hero served in a glass jar that can be shared easily by 2.

I would think that it’s a pretty average tiramisu, given that the lady fingers were a little dry when they should be more soaked up. The coffee alcoholic taste was light, which suits people who doesn’t like their tiramisu to be strongly dozed with caffeine. On the other hand, the mascarpone cream cheese was quite creamy. I would have preferred if the jar was more fully filled with the dessert.

That aside, I like the cozy and well-lit interior of the cafe. Makes gatherings even more enjoyable with their decorations.