The Goodburger Food Truck

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  • Beyond: 1-for-1 The Classic Set (save ~$22) 1-for-1 Black Tie Set (save ~$24) 1-for-1 One Night in Bangkok Set (Premium) 1-for-1 Happy Days Set (Premium
  • Classic food truck-style, no seating
  • Plant-based Impossible burgers that taste like the real thing
  • Happy Days Burger, Black Tie Truffle Burger, One Night in Bangkok

587 Bukit Timah Road
Coronation Plaza (outside Starbucks)
Singapore 269707

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11:00am - 09:00pm

11:00am - 09:00pm

11:00am - 09:00pm

11:00am - 09:00pm

11:00am - 09:00pm

11:00am - 09:00pm

11:00am - 09:00pm

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From the Burpple community

Came here in time when the rain had stopped, we have to order the burgers at the food truck which can be abit annoying as you have to tilt your head up to “shout” for your order due to the loud background music. Anyway we had the 1-1 Burpple deal at $31 for what you see in the picture. Quite pricey I feel as this price might get me real meat burgers.

The burger is stacked with double impossible patties, cheese, pickle and special sauce, decked in between two fluffy buns. The set comes with a drink, fries and the onion rings. Taste is not bad but maybe I wouldn’t come back for more as the dining area is alfresco style and is alittle uncomfortable with the seats on a slope, using barrels as tables and bar stools as chairs. 🤷‍♀️

This food truck parked outside Coronation Plaza serves scrumptious Impossible burgers in Marina Bay. The Double Classic Set ($31) comes with onion rings and coke. Impossible patty is tasty and the cheese, special sauce and pickles work together in a classic combo.The extra patty gives a more balanced meat-to-bun ratio that you won't regret!
Photo by Burppler Ethel Tan


I’ve tried other impossible burgers before but this is one of the better ones! Well-cooked and flavoured, pretty realistic with the heme protein giving it a super juicy and meaty flavor. Do note that no substitutes/switches are allowed when using Burpple 1-for-1 (: Would have appreciated some greens in this (they didn’t allow me to add additional rocket) but all’s good!

WHAT THE CLUCK! The Goodburger’s latest burger creation sees TiNDLE’s plant-based chicken assembled in this grubby, saucy, elbows-deep-in sinful Southern-style fried “chicken” burger layered with crunchy pickles and a garlicky homemade sauce. I’ve always been a fan of Goodburger’s plant-based burgers, and to now have a chicken option is just 🤯🥰💕There’re so many things I love about this burger. 1. It tastes like the real damn thing. 2. The batter’s great: crisp and craggy, adds a great crunch without being too thick. 3. That sauce is an utter flavour bomb. Chock-full of garlicky fragrance, and as cloying as it may look it’s actually really just right and I don’t feel jelak downing the whole burger.

You have to try it for yourself la $31 for 2 huge delicious soft springy-enough buns, impossibly seasoned patties layered with aioli sauce 🤭 crisp onion rings, and a drink (they ran out of coke lol so it came with a can of New Zealand water...) worth!

💸: $18

💬: I wouldn't have believed if you told me this was meatless 😳
The patty was super juicy, and the first bite hits you with a truffle punch, though it can hardly be tasted, but i enjoyed it still
Fries were a hard pass, but I'm here for the burger & that's a solid 10