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From the Burpple community

Out of all the sandos at @thestacksg, the Pollo Avo Club was my favourite, just barely edging out the sublime K-Sando. As the name suggests, this sando is stacked with slices of smoked chicken & avocado, sumac onions and dressed adequately with a spicy aioli.⠀

The tender chicken was lubed up well by the avocado, and each soft bite was well flavoured by the spicy, salty & satisfyingly creamy aioli. While the aioli is spicy enough to zing your palate, it’s restrained enough to avoid making you sweat. The sumac onions added that charming crunchy contrast to the soft textures of the avo, bread & chicken, but it did overpower the flavours of the chicken with its sourness by a fair bit. If the sourness were toned down a little, the Pollo Avo would be gucci. Still, even with overly sour onions, this was an incredibly delicious sando.

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The other egg sandwich was considerably more…eggcellent. The K-Sando ($10+) is a vegan sando that contains eggs…eggplants, that is. The miso glazed eggplant is garnished with kimchi & kale, dressed lavishly in a gochujang aioli, and sandwiched between the same chewy buns as before.

Despite lacking meat, the K-Sando felt surprisingly complete. The supremely savoury miso glazed eggplants are perfect, while the slightly spicy kimchi chipped in with an addictive sourness that gets the saliva going. The kimchi & kale combined to give a soul satisfying crunch to the otherwise soft sando, forming a complete balance of tastes & textures.

If all eggplants were this good, it might just egg me into reevaluating my hatred for the purple thing.


Tonight, I tell a tale of two egg sandos from @thestacksg. First is the Spam And Egg And Egg ($12 before additional GST), in which they really spammed the egg. A tremendously T H I C C slab of chicken luncheon meat is sauced up by egg salad, and is further, shall we say…EGGED on with the inclusion of a half boiled egg that retains a free-flowing yolk. Think Japanese 7-11 egg sandos, and you get the rough idea.⠀

The buns were chewy, reminiscent of bagels, and I had to check that they weren’t actually bagels. The moderately saucy egg salad is notably tangy, which aids in restraining the richness of the mayo & the runny yolk from the boiled egg. However, the chicken spam fell flat, as it wasn’t charred enough to develop that coveted crust, and it wasn’t salty enough to unite all the elements. Also, the entire sando was just soft all throughout, resulting in a decent but one dimensional sandwich of monotonous flavours & textures.

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As for the dessert waffle, the Yaks ($12 before GST) is a liberal interpretation of the signature Singaporean staple breakfast of kaya toast & coffee, and the name is a play on a famous local kaya toast chain. While its components of buttermilk waffles, kaya soft serve ice cream, shoyu caramel, coconut granola & coffee cream cheese were great individually, they had little chemistry together. ⠀

The shoyu caramel absolutely blew everything else out of the water, overpowering everything else with its intense salty-sweet flavour. The coffee cream cheese completely failed to make its presence felt, and the coconut granola was entirely invisible. The kaya soft serve was strongly flavoured with pandan and was charmingly creamy, but it eventually got eclipsed by the dominant shoyu caramel.⠀

While the Yaks fell short, it’s nothing that can’t be fixed easily.


@thestacksg is a halal café focused on two brunch staples: sandos & waffles. The sole savoury waffle option is the Morning Glory ($16 before additional GST), which lives up to the name of the café. It’s amply stacked with slices of smoked salmon, avocado, tomato and a half boiled egg. It’s a hefty brekkie, but it’s plenty healthy.⠀

The waffle is chewy and delightfully dense, possessing a mild savouriness. It’s an excellent vehicle for the fresh avo & tomatoes, and pairs surprisingly well with the sublime smoked salmon. It also does quite an adept job of soaking up the runny yolk from that perfectly poached egg thanks to its spongy quality.

However, the thing that carried the entire Morning Glory to, well, glory was the stunningly stellar sriracha aioli. Spicy, sour, salty and rich, the demand for this creamy, awesome aioli far outstrips the supply. One of the best aiolis I’ve ever sampled for sure. I’d gladly rise & grind for this glorious stack.


@thestacksg is a rather new place serving coffee, sandwiches and waffles too! We had the sandos and coffee, the coffee was good because they use @dutchcolony's coffee which was robust and not acidic. The spam and egg and egg sando was nice but I feel that it didn't stand out much compared to all the other spam egg sandos I've had 😅 the Puff Puff, which has smoked salmon, pesto cream cheese, kale, onion and nori, was a bit more unique but the flavours were rather mild and not delivered as expected from what we saw on the menu. The bagels were good though, they were my favourite parts of the sandwiches 😋 dining here was enjoyable with a bright interior and a lot of natural light for photos too!