4 Jalan Kuras
Singapore 577723

10:00am - 10:00pm

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A refreshing take on the classic chocolate lava cake. Would have liked the matcha flavour to be stronger and the lava to be more ~flowy~, but overall the flavours of matcha and berry went well together 🤗🍵🍓

• for real ginger lovers, the Ginger Latte is definitely for you!

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• smoked salmon, avocado spread, sous vide egg, greek yoghurt, feta cheese on brioche.
• served with kale and baby spinach salad.

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The brioche dessert was beautifully decorated with petals and fruits. Colourful, but its taste could be more balanced. Already with the fruits that were mostly on the sour side, the sour cream took it over the line for us. We felt that a vanilla gelato in place or some maple syrup would do the job to tip the scale back. There were some almond flakes but more crunch would enhance it with more texture too.
Nevertheless, their coffee was quite enjoyable. The Matcha Shot into white coffee would appeal to those who like their matcha bitter.
Read that their savoury items were quite good and we would probably return to try next round.


Wagyu beef slices with a quinoa and pearl barley base; topped with edamame beans, sauteed mushrooms, kimchi beansprouts, cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumbers and an onsen egg. Reminds me of a healthy western version of the korean bibimbap. Unfortunately, i didn’t like the combination of the quinoa and barley base as it got quite slimy in texture. I would say its probably an acquired taste. Other than that, the rest of the ingredients were fresh and the wagyu beef was tender but lacking in flavour.

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The flavour and texture of this dish wow-ed me at the first bite. The chicken cutlet was freshly fried and was super crispy, tender and not oily at all. Underneath that huge chicken cutlet was a bed of korean chewy noodles mixed with Gochujang sauce, mushrooms and the shredded cucumber added an extra crunch with each bite. The QQ and chewy texture of the noodles was so good and sauce had a nice spiciness level (sweet and spicy). Topped with a sunny side-up egg! What more can i ask for? 😉


The chocolate lava cake was oozing with warm and thick gooey chocolate; and was served with salted cornflake crumbs on top. Chose the option of having their signature truffle ice cream (+$2) instead of their vanilla bean ice cream, because i am a truffle lover 😆 However, the taste of the truffle was way too overwhelming for me despite my love for anything truffle. It’s worth a try for the novelty but i think I’ll stick with the savoury truffle food items for now 😅


Creamy chicken leg stew with herbed potatoes and carrots. Served with toasted multigrain bread.

This cafe is nicely tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the usual suspects at Thomson area right behind sembawang hills food center.

Very comforting dish, not to mention unconventional option on the brunch menu. Chicken is tender and juicy, the stew has a consistency more of a soup, but was rich and flavorful, perfect for using the fluffy bread to soak em up!


Wagyu Beef Grain Bowl.

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Can’t decide on coffee or tea? How about both?? 😉 This drink is one part matcha, one part milk and one part espresso (coffee)! Tastewise, it had a very interesting blend. At first sip, you’ll taste the coffee and there after the fragrance and bitterness of the matcha hits your tastebuds and leaves you with a bitter aftertaste of both the coffee and matcha. Also noteworthy is that this cafe has very nice industrial themed decor and has friendly staffs 😊

Amazing coffee, NETT PRICES, photogenic and tasty food!


You can find them at: 4 Jln Kuras, Singapore 577723 - a bit ulu but ulu then good. Haha!


Berry Matcha Lava Cake ($15.00) Warm Matcha Lava, Berry Compote, Fresh Berries, Grapes and Almond Flakes.
Location: @thuscoffee 4 Jalan Kuras, Singapore 577723
#thuscoffee #burpple #burpplesg


All the food was great and worth a try. Especially liked the fish and chips. The fish was solid and flaky, definitely not the mushy dory fish (I think it’s snapper), and the batter is crispy and golden brown. Dipped in the tartar sauce (which I think is homemade), yums!

The prawn aglio olio is good too. Pasta is al dente and well flavored.

The cafe also roast their coffee beans in house. The latte is well balanced and chocolate notes which is my cup of coffee. The dirty shot (which is a matcha espresso latte) can be better as it lacks the balance of matcha and espresso flavour.

Perfect way to end the meal with a flowy goodness. The plating is appetizing and fruits were sweet. Kinda pricey for a dessert (around $12 I think) but the relatively big portion made up for it. Definitely for sharing. (Candles not included unless you ask for it :p)

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Nice crust, fluffy kind. Served with fruits coulis and yoghurt. Not a fan of the yoghurt 3.75/5

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