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Singapore 088747

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11:00am - 12:00am

11:00am - 12:00am

11:00am - 12:00am

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From the Burpple community

With the purported pivot towards Sichuanese cuisine, I am not sure if Tianfang retains any part of their old menu.

In the off-chance that they do, grab their handmade beef balls which are juicy, bouncy and tender to the bite!

Again, special thanks to the folks at Burpple and Tianfang Pavilion for the eat-up invite!

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Located along New Bridge (and a little distance away from the noisy and crowded stretch between Temple and Mosque Streets), Tianfang is a nice little quiet spot for Chaoshan hotpot.

This is my first experience with Chaoshan hotpot and I literally had no idea what to expect. According to the wait staff, the main difference is the dipping sauce. Chaoshan hotpot is usually served with shacha jiang, a Chaoshan specialty condiment made from oil, garlic, challots, chilli's and brill fish / dried shrimp. Taste-wise, it is savoury without being salty with a nice mild seafood briny flavour. I personally recommend adding a tad of chilli oil to spice things up and sesame paste to give it an additional nutty flavour.

Tianfang serves 4 different soup bases (spicy mala, tomato, mushroom and the signature oxtail). I personally preferred the ox-tail soup, a thick full bodied broth which had a nice, thick and comforting beefy flavour which is perfect for rainy days.

Chaoshan is an area in China known for the quality of their beef and Tianfang definitely lives up to this by serving good quality cuts of meats such as 雪花牛肉 or 'snowflake beef' from the area around the cows neck that is tender and rich in buttery fat.

As always, a big thank you to the folks at Burpple and Tianfang for hosting us for the Burpple #EATUP!

P.S. I am kinda late for this post and understand from more recent posts that the owners of Tianfang have re-pivoted towards Sichuanese cuisine and removed the Chaoshan hotpot. So this may be outdated!

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We visited the restaurant and found that it doesn't serve hot pot any more. The food is good. A bit expensive. Sad that Burpple vouchers can only be used for hot pot. Why can't they change the vouchers? It'll make it more worthwhile to visit.

The restaurant has changed name to 天方阁私房菜 and now serve mainly Sichuan food, no longer Chaoshan hotpot. Waitress said owner remains the same, but new menu is no longer on Beyond. Food is actually very nice. I enjoyed the 药材萝卜炖牛腩 soup too.

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Squeezing in one SG post between my PH feed flood 😆

We had the Chaoshan beef hotpot served with 4 soup bases (ox tail, mala, tomato, and mushroom). Personally loved the ox tail for its richness (though could border to a bit salty but can always counter w the veggies), and mushroom with its earthiness

The set comes with beef maltique striploin and black pork. Both come very handy on making our hotpot experience enjoyable. Rest of the set offerings are the usuals (prawn, shrimp paste, veggies, golden mushroom, beancurd skin, etc)

Unlike other hotpots wherein the default dipping sauce is with sesame, we were provided shacha sauce which I surprisingly liked. Was taken aback a bit on my first dip but immediately acquired the taste - quite similar to other dried shrimp paste in PH

Promo price is quite reasonable as it’s good for 4. Might wanna add a few more orders on the side to ensure full tummies 😛

Thanks again @tianfangpavilionchaoshanhotpot for hosting and @burpple for the invite! 🤍


📍 天方阁。潮汕火锅 Tianfang Pavilion.Chao Shan Hot Pot Si Fang Cai
269 / 271 New Bridge Rd, New Bridge, Singapore 088747

#tianfangpavilion #burpplesg

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For those who would prefer something cool and yet filling at the same time, their Korean Cold Noodles (S$9.00) was one of the two carbs dishes that was available. Though it was refreshing given its serving temperature, in my limited knowledge of Korean cuisine, it did not quite taste like an experience I would get from an authentic Mul Naengmyeong. Nonetheless, if cold noodles would be something that you would look for to fill your stomach, this dish might just meet your expectations.


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