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Reviews at Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry

Reviews of good food at Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry

Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry to buy these famous nonya kueh. My favourite is the white kueh dar dar! 😋 Lempang Udang is nice too. Also bought lempang ayam, putu ayu, tapioca cakes and kueh ambong.

Photo also includes the Ah Yee’s yam cake, pumpkin cake and glutinous rice. I also bought mum’s fav gu chye and yam kueh for her lunch.

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Date visited: 24/04/2018 (Tues; late afternoon)

Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry is a paradise that makes and sells a plethora of old-fashioned kuehs and baked products like old-school cakes and cookies.

Photograph: 1st row
Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry's kueh dardar

Its white coconut rolls are a firm favourite.

Typically, a kueh dardar is a rolled crepe filled with grated coconut steeped in gula melaka.

What set Tiong Bahru Galicier's kueh dardar apart from the others is its (white) coconut filling (instead of the usual brown/ orange coconut filling).

The pale green colour of the rolled crepe, combined with the pasty white of the coconut filling, makes the kueh looks unappetising and un-instagramworthy. But, do not judge a kueh by its appearance.

Galicier's coconut filling is white because is flavoured with rock sugar (but not too sweet). It is also mixed with sesame seeds, enhancing the natural flavour of coconut.

I am not a fan of kueh dardar. In fact, I had a slight dislike for kueh dardar, but Galicier's kueh dardar has changed me. The rolled crepe is incredibly thin, making the kueh dardar so amazingly soft to bite into. Even on day 2, the coconut filling is still so moist. So amazingly good that I will never be able to look at kueh dardar the same way again.

Kueh dardar: $0.80 each; $4 for a box of 5.

Photograph: 2nd row
Sweet potato ondeh ondeh
Glutinous rice balls rolled in freshly grated coconut.

The rice cake casing is orange in colour (instead of the usual green) because of the sweet potato used for its ondeh ondeh dough.

It is far more common to see the glutinous rice balls in a green hue as most people choose to use only glutinous rice flour.

The skin is soft and chewy. (Not too thick)

Right at the centre of this ondeh ondeh is a delicate centre of gula melaka (syrup) as the palm sugar has melted all the way through. The best way to enjoy it is to pop the whole thing in your mouth and anticipate the sweet explosion of gula melaka syrup bursting out of its chewy skin and coating your tongue.

The gula melaka (syrup) tastes really good. It could be because sesame seeds were added to enhance the overall flavour.

One of the best I have tried thus far. The box I bought didn't even make it to the fridge. Worth trying.

Bite-sized sweet potato ondeh ondeh: $0.60 each; A box of 15 for $9.

Photograph: Last row
Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry's putu ayu is another regular sell-out.

Putu ayu refers to a steamed pandan sponge cake crowned with shredded coconut.

The typical putu ayu cakes you see outside are white and green; from the grated coconut and the pandan cake respectively.

However, Galicier's savoury-sweet putu ayu is (usually) BROWN, white, and green.
(BROWN-> grated coconut flavoured with gula melaka for added fragrance)
(White-> grated coconut, slightly savoury, for a good balance of sweet and savoury.)

I'm not sure why some of Galicier's putu ayu cakes are ONLY white and green now but it was kind of disappointing for me. At least that was what I observed on my first visit when I briefly counted the ones on the cooling racks.

I took a glance through the stacks of six-pack putu ayu cakes and realised that in each six-pack, you only get 2 or 3 cakes capped by Galicier's usual signature BROWN and white crown... (Depending on which box you choose)

Not sure why. Perhaps it was only on that day (24/ 04/ 2018) Galicier did that.
...Rising costs? Out of gula melaka??

If that's the case, then the steamed cakes wld be something I will only try once.

$1 each; $6 for a box of 6

TOTAL DAMAGE on 24/ 04/ 2018: $30.20
$9 for 1 box of ondeh-ondeh (15pcs)
$12 for 2 boxes of putu ayu (2 X 6pcs)
$8 for 2 boxes of kueh dardar (2 X 5pcs)
$1.20 for a cheese bun.

The nonya kuehs are good to keep for 2-3 days (refrigerated). If you buy them on a Tuesday, Thursday should be the last day you consume them. Throw out on Friday.

This bakery is no stranger to the older generations who have been purchasing their nonya kuehs, pastries and cakes since its early years. With customers are flocking over their cakes packaged in the typical transparent boxes and nonya kuehs on their display shelves, you know that their products are testified to taste good even though they all look so damn basic.

These Putu Ayu ($5) are definitely pricey for 5 morsels, but each piece is nicely perfumed with pandan, slightly savoury coconut and sweet gula melaka that makes it a delightful treat. The cake is soft and moist, yet not too airy like how a chiffon cake is.

They produce so many other pastries which I'd love to purchase the next time I'm there again!


My Chinese New Year was a mix of old routines (visitations and Miranda’s legendary 50cent/pc pineapple tarts) and small new experiences (inviting friends without family in SG over to enjoy CNY dinners in our cozy home).
One of the latter would be these authentic kueh lapis that makes our usual favourite of bengawan solo kueh lapis a mistake. We have officially switched camps to Galicier’s version- fragrant and authentic because of the prominent spiced and cinnamon flavors. Having traditionally Asian cake- kueh in front of the TV at night (i.e. seizing the holiday season for a movie marathon) was very nice but back to school!


Soft and fragrant wrap with white coconut mixed with sesame seed. Never tried this version before but I kinda do prefer this over the traditional palm sugar type. Tastes cleaner and lighter.

This piece of gorgeous is superb 👍🏼 Shredded white coconut laid on top of this super thin pandan skin and rolled it up. I like the taste of the coconut, fragance yet moist but is not those very wet-y kind 😂 No wonder this is one of their signature in store!

Super delicious Ondeh Ondeh. Fresh from the kitchen, bouncy like it should be, & not too sweet. Fairly long queues during lunch hour, but worth it.

(Nespresso coffee & Watsons tissue paper not included.)

My type of afternoon tea. No I don't have peranakan blood in me, but I really love traditional nyonya cuisine especially their kuehs! Tiong Bahru Galicier is the place to fix my cravings, and it brings back memories of my HSA days too.

Used to be a fan of Kueh Lapis (as in 九層糕) as a kid but from the first time I tried the Kueh Dadar here, it has stayed on top of my favorite nyonya kuehs list since then. White fragrant shredded coconut wrapped unusually with thin pandan-infused crepe, but yet moist, as you taste the drizzle of gula melaka. Btw I was so lucky to be the last person to get their kueh dadars even though I was only in the middle of the queue! That shows how popular it is, because people in front of me were buying in 10s, and left the last 3 for me. Haha.

Another favorite: Lemper udang, a kueh wrapped in banana leaf and made with glutinous rice dyed purplish blue with the butterfly pea flower. It contains savory and slightly spicy dried shrimp.

Last but not least, kueh salat, a combination of Pandan kaya and glutinous rice. Not a fan of it, but it's for my sister who's a big fan.


Enjoying mornings like this. And the kueh dar-dar was so good. Soft skin encasing fresh white grated coconut with just a little gula melaka. Very well balanced so it's aren't too sweet.

For a wholly Peranakan teatime experience, visit this Tiong Bahru stalwart for their Nonya kueh. The Straits Chinese have combined and transformed simple ingredients like glutinous rice, coconut milk and sugar into dainty, delicate and delicious sweet snacks. While Malay food stalls and chain bakeries sometimes offer these snacks, nothing beats the authentic and time-honoured flavours from this family-run establishment. You're likely to be overwhelmed by the selection, so here's what you should get — Kueh Kosui ($0.70), steamed rice cakes coated in desiccated coconut; Kueh Dadar ($0.80), pandan-flavoured crepes encasing coconut sweetened with gula Melaka; Putu Ayu ($3.80 for five), steamed cakes with grated coconut and gula Melaka; and Ondeh Ondeh ($0.60 each); glutinous rice balls holding a delicate center of gula Melaka syrup. Most of the snacks are bite-sized and affordable so if in doubt, try it.
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Zhihui Lim

These are really great ondeh ondeh because they are juicy and they burst in your mouth!

I especially love their putu ayu and kueh dardar because the coconut and pandan are so fragrant.

Never had Kueh Dar-Dar before but guess this was a pretty good place to start (tho le father said it wasn't fragrant enough) But at only $0.80 per piece, it's quite hard to say no to this one. Definitely a must try for all those foodies in search of traditional delicacies like me!!


Any trip to Tiong Bahru (for me) would never be complete without grabbing some Kueh from Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry. Still got their Kueh Ambon which I absolutely love, but also tried their Kueh Kosui this time; very soft Gula Melaka Kueh that doesn't stick to the teeth with a mellow sweetness with desiccated coconut sprinkled all over — not regretting having this one any bit.


Moist, bouncy and sweet potato and brown sugar flavoured, how can I resist?! Yet another overshadowed pastry here with all the other options available. Because they are so airy, they seem light, but reveal a much more denser texture when bitten. Chinese version of muffins which is a lot healthier (I think, or I hope) while not compromising on flavours.


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